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Maximum Ride

No description

Shannon Hoover

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Maximum Ride

By: James Patterson MAXIMUM RIDE Characters Max
A.K.A. Maximum Ride Setting The setting in the beginning of the story is in a house high up in the mountains. This causes the characters to feel safe from the Erasers and relaxed. This is where Max lived. Plot Max sees a girl about
to get beat up by some
teenage boys. Max rushes
over to help her and ends up
getting shot. Theme I think the theme of Maximum Ride is to follow ur dreams and never give up. No matter how hard it is.
You should always try ur best. This book also teaches you about teamwork and your friends can become your family. Those are some of the many themes of Maximum Ride. Authors Craft I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked how it was riveting and suspensful. I think the author does an exceptionally well job of describing the characters and the setting. I liked the way he described their home in the mountains and how it made them feel safe. I did not like how the author ende the story though. It ended at the worst time. That is what I thought of James Patterson's Maximum Ride. Maximum Ride Max is a 14 year old girl. She was one of the children who escaped from the School, a place where scientists do experiments on innocent children. Max spent her whole life so far protecting five friends (Iggy, Fang, Angel, the Gasman, and Nudge.) who also escaped from the School. Max is determined, daring and curious throughout the whole story. Fang Fang is a 14 year old boy who escaped the School with Max and everybody. Fang doesn't show alot of his emotions during the book but he is daring, smart, and hopeful throughout the story. The setting of the middle of the story is in Death Valley, California. That is where the School is located. The setting causes the characters to feel both determined and nervous because they want to save Angel but, this is where they were experimented on when they were younger. The setting at the end of the story is New York. They came here to find the Institute of Higher Living to discover who their parents are. This caused the mood to be excited because they were finding out where they came from. Angel Angel is a six year old girl and the Gasman's little sister. She is the youngest of the group and Max's favorite kid among the group. Angel is nervous, immature, and powerful in the story. The Gasman The Gasman is Angel's older brother. He is eight years old. During the story, he is smart, crazy, and daring. Nudge Nudge is ten years old. She talks, ALOT. She loves to fly. During the story Nudge acts shy, talkative, and positive. Jeb Ari Ari is Jeb's son. He was turned into an Eraser when Jeb left the school. Ari was very young at that time. Now, Ari is trying to capture Max and her friends. Ari is dangerous, cruel, and disgusting. Iggy Iggy is a young boy who went blind because of the experiments the scientists did on him. Iggy can pick locks and solve mysteries. Iggy is smart, serious, and quiet. Jeb is the guy who led everyone out of the School. He acted as a father to them for almost their whole life. But then he went missing. Jeb is smart, mysterious, and mad(crazy). The Flock finds the institute. Angel is captured
and taken to the
School. Max and
everyone head out
to rescue Angel. James Patterson Max stays with the
girl and her mom.
Eventually, Max catches
up with the flock again. Everyone gets taken to the School.
They break out along with Angel
and head to New York to find The
Institute of Higher Living. Max prints out the
documents and
frees the other mutants The Erasers find them and Max gets into a fight with Ari. Then, Jeb shows up. Max makes it out of the institute and reads the papers. Max can't find her name or family on the papers. Climax Youtube Video Report By: Shannon Hoover
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