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Sexual Selection

No description

Christine Lee

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Sexual Selection

Sexual Selection Annie Kim
Christine Lee What is Sexual Selection? -Form of natural selection

-Affects traits that influences overall reproductive success.
(eg. colour, characteristics) How is it different? What is parental investment? Why is it important? When is sexual selection evident? During Pre-copulation ... During Post-copulation ... What are the types of
sexual selection? Intersexual: Intrasexual: Female selects a mate -Male vs. Male Intrasexual: Intersexual: Intersexual: Intrasexual: before mating during and after mating Post-copulation: Pre-copulation: -Traits do not guarantee individual's ability to survive. amount of time and energy
invested in offspring females usually must invest more
she must choose the best mate males compete with other males to impress a female eg. antlers, colourful bodies, longer horns fighting (elephant seals) dancing (Klappenbach) (Klappenbach) a good mate may provide ... - better access to food - better genes to be passed down - more protection - more help raising offspring - less chance of contracting infections female reproductive structures create an indirect path to the egg(s) Sperm competition Females observe males' characteristics to select their mate TELL US SOMETHING THAT YOU LEARNED! Sexual Dimorphism BIBLIOGRAPHY (Brennan) (Brennan) (Brennan) (Hewett) (Brennan) (Eberhard) (not proposed by Darwin) or (than other selections) (James) (James)
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