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search for truth

No description

Ryan Choi

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of search for truth

Through character development of Oedipus and diction in Oedipus Rex, Sophocles reveals that leaders should seek the truth for the benefit of his society, and not himself. Sophocles shows this idea through Oedipus's change from a selfless person to a selfish person.
The Beginning of Oedipus' Search
Oedipus is a very altruistic person in the beginning, caring a lot about his society, fearing the plague, having no thought for himself whatsoever.
Peter Baird
Ryan Choi
Mikayla Cunningham
Ethan Smith-Cohen
"We beg you,/all of us on our knees." (Oedipus Rex 372-373)

"The crown the city gave me." (Oedipus Rex 435)
"I stopped the Sphinx!" (Oedipus Rex 451)

"Wait, who is my father?" (Oedipus Rex 498)

Oedipus Tortures for the Truth
Tiresias' Prophecy
“Fail to solve the mystery of my birth? Not for all the world!” (1161-62).

“So you won’t talk willingly-- then you’ll talk with pain.” (1266-67).
Search for Truth in
Oedipus the King

“After a painful search I found one cure:/ I acted at once. I sent Creon” to “the prophet’s oracle--to learn/ what I might do or say to save our city” (Oedipus Rex, 80-1, 83-4).

acted “at once”

“wept through the nights” searching for a cure (78).

“I curse myself as well … if by any chance/ he proves to be an intimate of our house,...” (284-5).
Thanks for listening!
So he blinds himself
Seeing the truth is
too much for Oedipus
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