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Copy of 50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior

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on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior

50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior
All are reachable and teachable
To continue, all students are teachable. It might not be on the highest level as others, but they can learn.

The difference is you!

You have to reach a student before you can teach him!
Each child deserves a teacher who believes in him!
Your Student's Behavior
It's all up to you!
*Don't blame the parents
*Don't blame your co-workers
*Don't blame the principal

We have no control over other's prior situations with your students.

You control just what happens within the four walls of your classroom!
Why can't Little Johnny just behave?
Fact one: We teach children.
Fact two: Children do child-like things.
Fact three: Children don't make adult-like decisions and don't do what's necessarily right or best.
Fact four: Children like to push teacher's buttons.
Fact five: Children, for the most part, are not self-motivated or self-disciplined.
So, that's why they need us!
Even the SEC ref is having a
teachable moment this week...

This book was written for you: the teacher who believes in their work and their students. Each child is someone special and deserves a chance, and the a second one and a third and sometimes a fourth.
We are here for the children...
The author of this book was addressing a group of teachers. Finally, an obviously exhausted teacher said, "Well, all of these things are fine, well and good. And your suggestions may work for some students, but not mine. I have no parental support and it's impossible to teach these students when their parents aren't backing me".
And the author responded, "So you're saying that if an orphanage opened next door to the school tomorrow, you could not teach those children?"
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