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Biological Budget Project

No description

Heather Glazebrook

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Biological Budget Project

The waters are crystal clear and stay between 79 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The average land temperature is 80 degrees! The country experiences 85% humidity, but on the coast you can’t feel it because of the continuous sea-breeze.
My trip
After landing, I got onto another plane that took me to south along the coast to Dangria. Finally, I took a boat ride across the lagoon to the barrier islands to one called Wee Wee Caye. This is where my research was conducted.
On the island
Our way to the island
Thank you!
Hello, fellow marine biologist!
In college, I went to Belize to perform marine biology.
First, I would like to tell you a little bit about this Central American country. My flight to Belize from Miami was two and a half hours in duration. The plane flew on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, over Cuba, across the Caribbean Sea and finally to Belize City (which is the capital and largest city).
My research
Biological Budget Project
A food chains and food web project
Pictures from snorkling
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