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Christmas Traditions

No description

Becca Daniels

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Christmas Traditions

Around The World

Italian Food
Gift Giving
Saint Nick
Unique To Italy
Finnish Food
Gift Giving
Saint Nick
Jewel - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Christmas dinner is called jouluateria
Oven Baked Ham
Rutabaga (Swede) Casserole
Beetroot Salad
Children receive their gifts on Christmas Eve from Santa.
Santa visit's the children in their own homes while they are still awake.
Children feared Joulupukki as he demanded respect from them

In the Turku, a Declaration of Christmas Peace is made 12pm Christmas Eve.
This Christmas Peace Declaration lasts 20 days.
Many go to church Christmas Eve, while some light candles at Cementaries.
Going to warm up at the sauna in the evening, and is an ancient Finnish tradition.
Australia derives many of it's traditions
from its European and English settlement history. So meals including roast beef, lamb, turkey and roast potatoes are common.
Australian Food
French Food
Gift Giving
Gift Giving
Saint Nick
Saint Nick
Hyvää joulua!
Merry Christmas!
Buon Natale!
Joyeux Noël!
Unique To Australia
Unique To France
Unique To Finland
Christmas Eve is a meat free night. “The feast of the seven fishes” is tradionally eaten and includes seven different fish dishes including Baccala, pesce a la padella and sandy eels.

Christmas Day consists of roasted meats and vegetables.

Children get small gifts from Babbo Natale on Christmas day.
Some children hang stocking for Befana to fill with gifts and candy, children are said to hold their breath looking through their stockings to see whether they were well behaved and didn’t get any coal.
Befana, a good old witch on a broomstick delivers more presents on Epiphany Eve, January 5th
Babbo Natale spreads joy and Christmas cheer.

Instead of writing letters to Babbo Natale asking for presents, children write letters to their parents telling them how much they love them.
Christmas Eve is when children would go carolling dressed as shepherds. Many carols are the same as those of other countries such as:
Il Piccolo Tamburino -Little Drummer boy
Astro Del Ciel
- Silent night
Nativity/crib scene or presepe is set up from December 8th to tell the story of Christmas.

Set up in a pyramid design with figures of townsfolk and baby Jesus is added on Christmas Eve.
Australian children leave their Christmas stocking or pillow case before bed on Christmas Eve. They then wake up to gifts from Santa on Christmas morning.

Santa Claus is Australia's gift giver.
Santa still arrives on Christmas Eve whilst the children sleep.
Many Australian Christmas carols are variations on traditional carols. eg.
Aussie Jingle Bells
Australian 12 Days of Christmas

Boxing Day (December 26th) is often as significant as Christmas day itself. Annual cricket matches are played on this day, the viewing of which is considered tradition.
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Some of the favourite Christmas Carols sung in Finland include:
Joulun Kellot, which translates to Christmas Bells
En Etsi Valtaa Loistoa, which translates to Give Me No Splendour, Gold or Pomp
Joulu on taas- which translates to It's Christmas Again
The birth of Jesus Christ is commemorated annually during a festival called Christmas. Most traditions internationally stem from Christian and secular themes and origins, but in each individual country, many unique customs have evolved. Here, we will be focusing on the differences in local Christmas traditions of Italy, Finland, Australia and France.
This Prezi presentation has outlined different Christmas traditions around the world that differ in their celebrations.

We all celebrate Christmas in unique ways from the Australian Christmas with it summertime and cricket, and feasts of seafood to the wintery feasts that Finland, France and Italy enjoy. While we are from different countries, we become united in our celebration of Christ and his birth. While being surrounded by loving family and friends!
Presents are then handed out to the rest of the family whilst gathered around the Christmas tree. This can be done in the morning, or immediately following the Christmas Lunch.
However, due to the extreme heat of the Australian
Christmas, cold meats such as ham, chicken and seafood are served with sides of salads are often opted for.
He arrives in Australia on his reindeer, before giving them a rest and changing to "6 white boomers" to tow his sleigh. He often changes into clothing that closer suits the warm Australian climate.

However, Australian artists have written original Australian carols like 6 White Boomers by Rolf Harris, or Carols by the Birds.
Carols by Candlelight is an annual tradition, held in the week leading up to Christmas Day. Most major cities and towns will hold this event.
How Joulupukki transformed from a Yule Goat to Santa Claus is unknown
Was originally a Yule Goat-Joulupukki
Joulupukki originally demanded gifts

Père Noël (Father Christmas) was originally thought to be derived from Saint Nicholas who gave out presents to the French children on December 6th. He had a counterpart called Le Père Fouettard(the bogeyman) who would punish the naughty children. He later ‘disappeared’ which allowed for the presence of the elves and reindeer.
Up until the 1960's French children were given an orange and a small gift. Due to the influence of America on French culture this changed to children receiving many more gifts and them being wrapped in lavish paper and decorated with ribbons. Gift giving represents the three wise men bringing gold, frankinsence and myrhh to baby Jesus in the stable
Christmas in France is celebrated with singing songs that are called “les noëls”. Carols are sung by people who attend church and within homes of French families. Some popular carols sung in French homes include Petit Papa Noël, Il est né le divin Enfant, Douce nuit and Vive le vent.

The French are known for their dining elegance and the decorating of the Christmas table is very important. Traditional food is served for the main meal such as rabbit, Coq au Vin and Vol-au-Vent. For dessert a Christmas Log is enjoyed. A beautiful light sponge in the shape of a log for the fire

The French Christmas Tree appeared in 1521 and is usually white and decorated with red apples!
Children also fill their shoes with carrots and treats for Santa's reindeer.

By Lesley Wylie-Gray
By Bronwyn Cobcroft
By Heath Canning
By Rebecca Daniels
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