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Victoria Dorado

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of DENTAL CARE


Michelle Martínez
Ingrid Márquez
Vanessa Herrera
Victoria Dorado

Lack of dental hygiene.
a. People affected:
Cuauhtémoc Elementary School Kids.
Create the habit of brushing their teeth and prevent future dental issues.
Dental bad habits.
Health issues.
b. Impact:
Teach them who important it is brush their teeth.
c. Type of problem:
Between 6 and 12 years old.
Low income.
Cuauhtémoc Elementary School.
Who is your user?
Thirty kids.
a. Pains:
Tooth decay.
Swollen gums.
b. Size of the segment:
A different toothbrush that it is creative, innovative and funny for kids.
a. Approach:
We thought that kids need something different and attractive to motivate them and create the habit to brush their teeth.
b. Why this ?
Because kids think that brush their teeth is something boring and difficult to do, for that we create a different and funny toothbrush. Consequently they won´t see this activity like an obligation.
c. How does it solve
the problem?
Our toothbrush make the kids
want to brush their teeth.
d. Which impact does it have?
The kids will have cleaner teeth because of the new habit and it will minimize dental problems.
1. Lack of brushing
their teeth.
2. Boring
3. Unnecessary.
1. Different and innovative toothbrush.
2. Desire to use it.
Kids that brush their teeth.
Feedback of the school
a. Validation process:
b. Solution accepted?
c. Does it help?
a. Long term:
b. Short term:
Group opinion and feeling
a. How did you feel?
b. What did you learn?
c. Servicio social Tec 21 good idea?
d. Do you want to keep on working in your project?
We talked with the kids and ask if they will use the toothbrush and apply all the things that we teach them. We realize that our product are going to be very usefull and important to them.
Our solution was accepted; they loved the product and they are eager tu have the Kit and use it.
Our solution really helps with the problem because it will help to attack and fight bad habit of brushing their teeth and get dental problems such as cavities , etc.
We consider that our product will be long term because if the kids have fun and begin to brush and care for their teeth, they become a habit in their lives.
We think that our workshop (with the help of the other team) was something that they´ll never forget and learned quickly the importance of a healthy dental life.
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