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CIC BIM Hub Scotland Launch

No description

Derek Jones

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of CIC BIM Hub Scotland Launch

Derek Jones The ups and downs of implementing BIM Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority starting out Lonely BIM Lessons 1 Slow burn start
Relied on pioneers (with existing skills)
Trial projects in good times... Training curve isn't a curve...
Requires commitment
It was lonely...
Pioneering can only go on so long Capital outlay spread
No training costs (!)
No precedents or standards The future... BIM friends Still being driven from bottom up
Find appropriate projects
Finding partners to engage with
Realising that this really made a difference Face washing Capital investment started to be felt
Commercial strategy was required
Mass training was a waste of time - JiT training Lessons 2 You can't do it on your own - You don't have to
Leverage advantage at all stages of implementation
Have a plan Management Top down support/push
Director level support - BIM Strategy
Financial commitment now serious - RoI
Dangers of BIMwash...
Standards - BIMex, BS1192, PAS1192 Attitudes Middle management challenge
Client's awareness and knowledge
Wider context Lessons 3 Standards are important (but remember that this is process)
People need to want to use it (CAVEs)
Boundaries between disciplines Don't fall off the cliff...

just step off it 'Do it or do it not. There is no try.' Don't redesign the wheel. Phone a friend Institutions Becoming 'common'
Legal implications
Do we really want to do the same old **** faster? You simply won't get it until you do it. BIM is not just technology @plug103
djones@keppiedesign.co.uk Have a plan - even a small one Working with others makes you learn fast
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