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Allan James Caño

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mr. Ricky Reyes


Mission: is to evolved a real home, re-energized with a host of new facilities and full-service program not only to improve the children's health, but also to uplift the quality of their life.
Other CSR Activities:
More CSR activities:
Who is Ricky Reyes?
Ricardo Enriquez Reyes, Jr. (born April 12, 1950), commonly known as Ricky Reyes, also known as "Mother Ricky" is a Filipino hairdresser, philanthropist and businessman. He is the owner of Ricky Reyes chain of salons and host of television programme "Gandang Ricky Reyes".
Biography of the
The money he earned from sweeping floors was used as capital for his first beauty parlor in 1970. Reyes now has a 44-branch network of Gandang Ricky Reyes salons.
Ricky Reyes Salon
a b o u t R i c k y
Born to Ricardo Reyes and Amanda Tiantes Enriquez, Ricky Reyes rose from poverty through sheer talent and hard work.
Short History of
Early on, he already had an link of what he wanted to do in his life. “He had the natural flair, he had the easy charm and likeability of the born beautician,” wrote Abe Florendo in Hair Majesty about Reyes’ first job as a floor sweeper in a parlor.
Eventually he decided to open his own shop in San Juan, which proved to be hugely successful. Later on, he would own a chain of popular salons all over the Philippines. He would also receive citations from hair competitions here and abroad.
His success also gave him great popularity, earning him the name“Mother.” Ricky Reyes is one of the few easily recognizable beauty stylists in the country. He has not only befriended celebrities, he himself became one. Through the years, he has formed strong relationships with people in showbiz, media, and even politics.
from the heart of RICKY:
from the heart of RICKY:
from the heart of RICKY:
Mission: is to provide lifelong skills and provide a better life for the under priveleged with just a comb and a pair of scissors.
....the project provided free standardized teaching modules in basic haircutting and eventually livelihood to more than 200,000 Filipinos and counting throughout the beginning in year 1984...

....the I.G.I.S. was formed through the initiative of the Filipino Hairdressers Cooperative (FilHair Coop.) which was formed under Reyes' Leadership - a home organization for hairdressers and its first project was give free haircuts to underprevileged families.
It all started here. The first Isang Gunting, Isang Suklay course held in an old warehouse in Bulihan. Gen. Mariano Alvarez, in Dasmariñas, Cavite: National Housing Authority general manager, Gen. Gaudencio Tobias (at the back center) with Ricky and Filhair officers.
A hero's welcome in the Bodoc Peninsula
The first Isang Gunting, Isang Suklay project with Mrs. Ramos in Tagaytay: with Tagaytay Mayor and Mrs. Maclabe (extreme left) and Makati councilor Nini Licaros.
Distributing starter kits to children of Isang Gunting, Isang Suklay beneficiaries in Barangay San Miguel, Manila
Center for Health Improvement and Life Development House
...CHILD Haus was established by the Ricky Reyes Foundation, with the support of PCSO, presidential daughter Evangeline "Luli" Arroyo, Technology and Livelihood Research Center (TLRC) and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)...

...CHILD Haus is located within the Quezon Institute compound along E.Rodriquez Avenue, Quezon City.
...a house care for cancer-stricken children.
...created for sick children from provinces who sought treatment/chemotheraphy in Metro Manila Hospitals.
...CHILD Haus was born in 2003 to answer the needs for those who needs it.
People who need people:
Ricky instructs a paraplhegic to give a perm to a girl who is taking care of a child.
Bless the children: Cancer-stricken in Munting Paraiso, the special recreational area run and equipped by Ricky at the Cancer Institute of the Philippine General Hospital.
Lead a team of volunteers in feeding about 50,000 victims of Typhoon Ketsana(Ondoy) for two weeks in 2009.
Livelihood and productivity centers all over the country offering courses in welding, automotive repair, sewing and electronics among others
Distributing relief goods shortly after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo: Filhair would be giving aid to the victims three times a year therafter.
Goodies for the oldies: With Imelda Papin and Evangeline Pascual bringing cheers to the residents of Lualhati ng Maynila, a home for the Aged in Boy's Town
Telling them to look good and feel good at the PGH Cancer Institute.
Christmas in Smokey Mountain: Ricky spent Christmas Day of 1992 with this family in their temporary dwelling in Smokey Mountain. The wife looks after her seven children while the husband, whose leg was amputated after an accident, makes out a living anway he could.
NHA General Manager Balao explains scale model of the Smoke Mountain development and Reclamation Project to MMDA Chairman Prospero Oreta, Mrs. Alma de Leon, Mrs. Amelia Ramos, Engineer Sese, Ricky Reyes and Reggie Romero, president of the project.
The young Kris Aquino (center) spearheading the Isang Gunting, Isang Suklay para sa kabataan in Sapang Palay in 1987
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