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BBSI Broker June 2013

No description

Eric Wise

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of BBSI Broker June 2013


BBSI is not a Workers’ Compensation carrier

BBSI is an alternative solution that allows business owners to leverage their investment in human capital.
Partnering with BBSI

BBSI must meet with the business owner in order to accurately provide a quote.

After a discovery meeting, BBSI provides:

an annualized percentage mark-up that covers all BBSI expenses for our consultative package, workers’ compensation coverage (if needed) and employer payroll taxes.

Partnering with BBSI

We can help you identify which of your clients might benefit from working with BBSI. Typically, those who benefit most are business owners that:
Partnering with BBSI

BBSI helps business owners to focus on their business.


About BBSI
Our value to business owners
Our difference
Partnering with BBSI
BBSI Contact Information

Discussion items

Eric Wise

Area Manager

o. 208.898.0272

c. 208.412.3999


Contact Information

Next steps
Submit prospect information to BBSI
Set time to meet with prospect
Prospect meeting (Referral partner and BBSI)
Risk assessment
HR needs assessment
Credit application
Contract approval
Implementation meeting
Partnering with BBSI

BBSI can reinforce your position as a trusted advisor to your clients.

BBSI has a 90% client retention rate, clients stay on average 10+ years

We create opportunities for you:
Low WC premium, build expand your business
Competitive WC alternative, 1.5 mod
Build a wall around part of your book, no traditional renewal
Additional revenue stream
Reinforce safety message, work together to ensure client's success
Partnering with BBSI

Our referral network is growing and our partnerships are proving to be mutually beneficial.

Our referral partners continue to quote and provide WC, P&C, general liability and other types of benefits.

Favorable and competitive referral fee structure
Partnering with BBSI

We enable business owners to focus on their core business, eliminating organizational complexity and maximizing profitability through a unique, "high-touch, results-oriented" approach



3,000/ 80,000+

Company Profile

Broker Presentation
June 18, 2013

We maintain a hands-on interface with business owners
Dedicated team of local experts assigned to each client
Most clients within 50 mile radius of BBSI branch
57 offices in 10 states
Decentralized, autonomous management structure
Our Difference

Our Difference

We combine the best tools from HR outsourcing with industry-leading knowledge to deliver a unique management platform to business owners.

New Client Pipeline

Our Approach

BBSI Unique Platform Validation by Wall Street




Owners who want to focus on their core business and NOT transactional/non-revenue producing management functions
15-50 employees
Almost any industry...roofers? nursing homes?
First lets clear the air.....
We are Barrett Business Services Inc. (BBSI), not....
Karey Brady
HR Manager--25 years experience, HR Director Ore-Ida, Citicard, American Express, Fidelity Investments
Ron Collins
Risk/Safety Manager--22 years experience, multiple industrial risk positions, SIF Montana
Deidre Samuelson
Payroll Manager--14 years experience, CPP
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