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Rough Draft Body Paragraph 2

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Rough Draft Body Paragraph 2

Rough Draft Body Paragraph 2
Do Now - November 19, 2014
Exit Ticket
No voices
Quality Work! :)
Number 1-6 in your notebook.

How does this image
represent your writing goals
for this essay?
Yesterday: Quotes, Inferences, "So What?!" Statements
Self-Assessment -
1) My topic sentence is ONLY about trade.
2) My topic sentence is general -- it does not have too many details.
3) My quote or description is from Doc A (trade)

4) I have a logical inference.
5) I have a "So What?!" statement.
6) My conclusion sentence restates the topic sentence.
Work Time: Body Paragraph 2 (CONQUEST) & Conclusion.

Expectation: "2 before you" Rule -- if you are really stuck, you must ask two people at your table for help before you ask Ms. Merwin!
Today's Learning Objectives
1) SWBAT assess their first body paragraph using criteria
for success.

2) SWBAT construct their second body paragraph (conquest),
using at least one piece of evidence, one inference and one
"So What?1" statement.
TOTAL SCORE: ______/6
What is this Muslim trader saying?

Consider what you see in the
image and what you know
about Muslim trade routes.
[3 possible statements].
Place a next to each number that you accomplished.
Have PAGE 11 open to receive credit.
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