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Kinetic Family Drawing Assessment

No description

m m

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Kinetic Family Drawing Assessment

Kinetic Family
Drawing Assessment Purpose Theories Population Problems and considerations Standardization Validity Culture Scoring Please draw a picture of everyone in your family, including you, DOING something. Try to draw a whole people, not cartoons, or stick people. Remember, make everyone DOING something - some kind of action. Style(s) Symbol(s) Actions of Individual Figures & Actions Between Individual Figures Characteristics of
Individual KFD Figures Measurements Lets look at one together Now try scoring One Normal
Folding Compartmentalization
Lining at the Bottom
Underlining Individual Figures
Lining at the top
+ other proposed styles Strangers
Non-competitors Conflict
Harmony Development
Family Dynamics
Self Concept
Client's Understanding
of their Family
Possible Defenses Origins Arm extensions
Elevated figures
Figures on back of the pages
Omission of body parts
Omission of figures
Picasso eye
Rotated figures Questions? Children
Adults* Standardization
Culture Age
Family Culture
Country of Origin
Socioeconomic status Administration
Term definitions for
score sheet
Alternative score sheets
and variables Other ways to examine your KFD Reliability flowers
jump rope
ladders Nathan's KFD
Current age: 26
The individuals in the picture, from left to right, are Nathan (Neal), his mother, his father, and sister. They are on a golf course. While drawing the individuals, Nathan commented on his inability to draw people. The administrant asked him if his family were conversing, what would they be talking about. He said that they would be fighting about golf. This would then turn into fighting about anything. Nathan said that this fighting only occurs while they are golfing. He said he thought it was because golf was a stressful game and it builds up aggression in all of them. Nathan said his sister would not play and would just stand by the sidelines to watch. He said that she usually does her own thing all the time, and for the most part, does not participate in family outings. About the drawing, Nathan pointed out the small breasts on his sister, and the lack of them on his mother. He also noted that the zipper of his father's pants looked like a penis.
(Horovitz & Eksten, 2009) lawnmowers
light bulbs
water the grid can be used to
measure figure sizes and
distances between figures
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