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Knowledge vs Ignorance in Farenheit 451

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Andy Hoang

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Knowledge vs Ignorance in Farenheit 451

What's the significance of this theme?
In the story
Fahrenheit 451, Montag, Faber, and Beatty’s struggle revolves around the tension between knowledge and ignorance.
Knowledge vs. Ignorance in Fahrenheit 451
How does the book show this theme?
Millie, (Mildred, Montag's wife), is a prime example of this theme. Millie's ignorance shows when she plugs herself into the seashell radio every night. She's unaware about her overdose of pills or her mindless fascination about the programs on her TV. The government controls the programming.
What in the book represents knowledge and ignorance anyway?
In short, Fahrenheit 451 is a story that shows the conflict of knowledge vs. ignorance: Montag is promoting ignorance by burning books, books which symbolize knowledge. The ignorance is reflected in society where the government controls the media.
by Andy Hoang, Marixa Hernandez
The fireman’s (Montag's) duty is to destroy knowledge (by burning books) and promote ignorance in order to equalize society and promote sameness.
How is this relevant today?
A modern day example of knowledge vs. ignorance would be the Taliban. The Taliban has abused human rights, with human trafficking, oppression of women, and civilian terrorism.
They have rid women of jobs, sports, and education.
In Fahrenheit 451, the books represent knowledge, and the burning of books, outlawing of books represents the ignorance of society since they are disregarding knowledge.
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