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Commissioning mental health services

No description

Krystal Vittles

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Commissioning mental health services

The Vision:

Suffolk Libraries are committed to ensuring that wherever you live in Suffolk you will be able to access good quality, relevant information about mental wellbeing in a non-stigmatising setting, and where appropriate be signposted to somewhere you can access specialist information and advice. This is achieved through the Mental Health & Wellbeing Information Service.
Suffolk Libraries is a transferred, independent organisation which is actively developing its services
Backdrop to Action
Dedicated Working
Work for 2014-15
What's driving this?
Diagnosed mental health disorders are rising year-on-year and libraries are well placed to encourage and reinforce the model of preventative, community-based support
in Suffolk's libraries
Commissioning Mental Health Services
Delivering Outcomes
Partnership Work
Improving people's mental health and wellbeing is one of Suffolk Libraries' six strategic priorities
A collaboration between organisations (s.75 agreement) and a staffing post funded through a mental health pooled fund
Primarily an information service, not an advice service, and builds on Suffolk Libraries' experiences in suporting communities
Adds value to other specialist MH services in the community
NHS services drive the strategic aims, but Suffolk Libraries directs the service based on organisational expertise and knowledge of local areas.
No eligibility criteria - open to everyone and inclusive
Suffolk Libraries' core function is to enable access to knowledge and information
Capitalising on this expertise and past work to support this service
Every day, libraries see a vast amount of people experiencing an array of MH disorders
Suffolk Libraries delivers a wrap-around package of support to communities and this service complements this
Since transfer, Suffolk's libraries are able to actively demonstrate they are neutral, non-stigmatising environments
Outcomes Framework
The desired, successful outcomes of this work are linked to the National Mental Health strategy
There are four key outcomes for this work:

More people will have good mental health
More people with mental health problems will recover
Fewer people will experience stigma and discrimination
Support for individuals/groups to manage their own information

David is the coordinator of this service for Suffolk Libraries and is funded by the pooled fund. He has been successful in meshing the objectives of NHS services and Suffolk Libraries to deliver this valuable service to customers.
Having one familiar point of contact has created trust and allowed this service to flourish
Fixed-term contract which is renewed regularly
Suffolk Libraries would lose enormous added value without this post
The post is visible to the public with a mixture of front-line and strategic work
Customers and staff are incredibly positive about the impact of this service
One of the overarching obligations of this service is to ensure a joining up of work with other early help services
Suffolk Wellbeing Service inc. IAPT
Other organisaions delivering out of the pooled fund
GPs and GP consortia
GP Care Link Workers
Other VCS organisations
Voluntary and Statutory Partnership (local and strategic)
Warm handover system (secure referrals)
Suffolk Information Partnership
Engagement events with GPs and other practitioners
and many, many more

It's important for this service to actively impact upon people's lives and deliver positive change.
...but what does this mean on the ground?
All libraries have information available and all staff are able to assist in the provision of information
Using mobile libraries to reach isolated, rural areas
Information is consistent and up-to-date with a quality monitoring process - working towards the Information Standard
The work captures evidence that people are actively involved in learning about and managing their own condition
Bringing the service to points and places which people can realistically access and feel safe to do so
Partnership work with other organisations so people feel supported from all angles
Facilitating group support networks so communities can work together for better mental health
Lining it all up
Can we use this service to complement our work on addressing wider health determinants e.g how can we root this service in our work addressing poverty or breastfeeding action?
How can we better exploit our other service offers so that this one grows and improves?
Are we missing anything with our partnership work?
How can we ensure we line up what our service users and the commissioners are telling us?
Which translates as...
Great Work in Practice
The Social Activation Model project (SAM) worked with Suffolk Libraries to run outreach sessions last summer with local people to show the link between diet, physical exercise and better mental health - billed as Food & Mood sessions.
One day events across 9 libraries
Engaged with 240 people
A vast mix of people
If they each shared this experience with just 2 people that's 720 people reached
A nutritionist and the Suffolk Smoothie Bike!

If We Can Reach One Person...
The Warm Handover Scheme allows for a secure transfer of information with the aim of providing a seamless service of care and support for those in need
"With reference to speaking to Audrey at Haverhill library, I had almost an immediate reply from some organisations. At the moment, because my husband’s condition has deteriorated quite rapidly, some things are going over my head, but they are mentioning Audrey by name, so I know where these referrals are coming from.
Today I have received a welcome pack from Suffolk Carers who were very supportive when they phoned and I also have a person from Age UK coming 'round on Tuesday to talk to me.
Although I have been looking after my husband for 8 years and more intensively for the last 4, I had not realised that these organisations were there or what they could offer."

Partnership with VCS and statutory organisations
This scheme is promoted far and wide - with the public and professionals
The customer only needs to tell their story once
This service does not work independently of Suffolk Libraries' other services and there is much cross-over work which requires attention
Continuation with
Books on Prescription
- this scheme alone has generated a huge amount of partner interest
Action 4 Happiness
themed events and workshops where people can use laughter to boost their journey to good mental health
Creative writing workshops which focus on promoting good mental health
Poetry on Prescription
Achievement of the Information Standard (Health Watch)
Extending partnership work
Continuation of work on hospital wards
The Mental Health and Wellbeing Service will carry on with the same high energy and dedication with many events and activities planned. Such is the success of this service, David's role has been funded for an additional two years
...and, of course, so much more
Any questions?
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