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Vermeer's Life

No description

Miranda Kurtz

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Vermeer's Life

The Story of Vermeer
Vermeer's Childhood

He was born on October 30th, 1632 and baptized on the next day in Delft, Netherlands. He was born to proud mother & father Reynier Janszoon Vermeer & Digna Baltens who were both middle-class inkeepers & prominent silk weavers in the city of Delft. After His baptizimal record at his local church, he seemed to disappear for about twenty years. He likely had a Calvinist* upbringing.

a Christian set of beliefs that is based on the teachings of John Calvin and that stresses God's power and the moral weakness of human beings.

In 1653, Vermeer registered with the Delft Guild as a master painter. There's no record of who he may have apprenticed under, or whether he studied locally or abroad. Vermeer definitely had at least a friendship with leading Delft painter Leonard Bramer, who became one of his early supporters.
Later Life
Johannes Vermeer eventually married to Catharina Bolnes and originaly had 14-15 kids but only 11 surrvived. Their names were Maria, Elisabeth, Cornelia, Aleydis, Beatrix, Johannes, Gertruyd, Franciscus, Catharina, Ignatius,and a child of an unknown name.
Vermeer biography
Marriam Webster

The Story of Vermeer
Beginning Art life
Girl with Pearl Earring
The Geographer
Maria ............c. 1654 - after 1713
Elisabeth.......c. 1657 - before 1713
Aleydis..........died. 1749
Johannes.......born c. 1663
Gertruyd........died after 1713
Franciscus.....c. 1664 - after 1708
Catharina.......died after 1713
Ignatius.........1672 - died after 1713
a child...........1674 - 1678

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