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Community Spirit

No description

joe land

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Community Spirit

Community Spirit
Community spirit was designed to bring the whole community spirit together. the event is designed to bring the whole of wakefield together and raise money for charities and help people in the area socialize and have fun.
I have used various attractions to for fill the needs and standards set by our target audience (everyone). i have lots of different attractions and stalls to increase the possible income generated. All stalls have mapped out areas so i have a capacity for each stall. I
Other costs
these charities all provide support for vulnerable who need support overcoming certain problems. I have chosen these charities as i believe these charities need more recognision and funding to strive and achieve their specific missions.
To help attendees remember this special day i will have free gifts that they make take such as pencils, pens and other stationary also the charities stalls will be handing out free stuff so i wont need a 1000 of each as not everyone will want the same thing so i will go on popularity so i will order more custom pens than rulers.
For the capacity
To attract more people i will use local media facilities such as the local paper 'wakefield express' and also the local radio station 'ridings fm' also i will be making and printing 1200 (aprox) and get local volunteers to put them up in trinity walk and other popular places.
For my logo have elected unique and intriguing qualities to represent my event, for instance I have used my knowledge of adobe fireworks to manipulate the colour of my main image the red heart which is a symbolic sign of love and kindness represents what will be the mood and atmosphere of the event.
Curry and chapattis from a local store in batley. I have chosen this shop as is it a takeout shop I purchase from regularly.
Ice cream will be available for to sooth mouths after curry or as a cool refreshing snack to cool or amuse children.
Also there will be hotdogs and burgers on the barbeque as it is a popular favorite for the British public and if there is and vegans there will be a vegan option of veggie burgers.

To conclude all the food i chose were popular to the population of wakefield and satisfies a whole range of people for instance not everyone will want curry so there will be a BBQ which i expect to be a big hit. Also the food i have chose represents different countries and different cultures and that is what my event is aimed to do bring people from different cultures together. It is a good range of food as it appeals to just about all audiences.
My aims are to raise money for charity and also bring the community together!!!!
My capacity of attendees is 960. I have 2500 square meters of land and i have split in to section for instance 400 has been used for pitches and food stalls and i have predicted 2.5 meters per person.
In my spreadsheet i had to work out alot of prices and final costs so i had to use alot of formulaes and tools such as the autosum tool.

* my total profit depend on the attendance at the event so i will use my v lookup to help work out total income.

* The weather also effects my income as if its cold less peop[le will want to attend and if its sunny more will attend.

to conclude after watching my reccomendations i hope you agree that this event is for a good cause.
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