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No description

gaurav agrawal

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of ABCD

The most successful and most entertaining antaragni so far.
Proper co-ordination with fellow head show-m and head event's.
Timely booking and permission.
Forming a capable and well prepared team. TEAM STRUCTURE LHC LHC
1 Senior Executive
4 Executive DANCE ARENA
1 senior executive
2 Executive AUDITORIUM
3 Senior Executive
8 Executive NEW SAC
3 Senior Executive
1 Senior Executive
4 Executive MAJOR CHANGES MAJOR CHANGES OAT is also used as a mall stage.
Kavi Sammelan and Sangam will be held in auditorium.
Outreach will be booked for one day only.
Finearts competition will be held in Hall-8 ground.
Messing will be place at a ground in front of Hall-9.
India Inspire at outreach and Estampie at OAT will be shifted. MAPS CREATIVE TEAM Continue the concept of creative team to make festival theme more visible.
Head Creative team will be formed ASAP.
Artist from outside like from Shanti Niketan etc. will also be called.
Decorate with flying lamps, frames, cutouts, sculptures etc. TIME LINE March 11-14: Call for a nomination of senior executives and executives.
March 19-20: Interviews.
April 8-12: Booking of auditorium, VH, VH extension, new sac, LHC will be done.
August 1-4: Nomination for Head creative team.
August 19-22: Permission of other things like messing area, swimming pool parking lot etc.
September 1: Meeting with all Head event and event co-ordinators.
September 3-6: Call for a nomination of secretaries.
September 11: Call for tenders of tent, light and sound.
September 24: Distribution of work among team member place wise.
Show-M Executive, ANTARAGNI'12.
Finance Executive, UDGHOSH'12.
Mess Secretary, Hall-3.
Show-M Secretary, ANTARAGNI'11.
Informal's Co-ordinator, UDGHOSH'11. CREDENTIAL'S ISSUES
Make dance area more comfortable for dance.
Voltage problem will be solved by putting sufficient amount of TP's.
If Prima Nocte will be conducted in Auditorium then stage of Ritambhara will be made E-shape.
Measures at the time of rain like some alternative venues etc. will be planed before the festival.
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