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No description

Rosa Santoyo

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Horses

Horses Food "If you feed a horse dirt or sand they could get sick." (Schafer pg 26)
"When you feed a horse by hand you encourage it to nip or bite."(Shafer pg 26)
"Horses can drink twelve gallons of water every day."(Schafer pg 26) Habits "Small ponies were first bred to pull carts of coal or peat."(Schafer10)
"Horses live in herds, they like company. They choose special friends to stay close to. If you keep a horse alone you will be his/her only friend and will need to spend a lot of time with him/her.(Schafer17)
"Horses don't need heated shelters, but they do need to be protected from drafts and winds. "Horses say hello to each other by touching their noses,they recognize each others smells." (Schafer17)
A signal that lower-ranked horses do to the higher-ranking herd members is to lift their heads, lower their ears and chew on the air.
Horses watch each other's body language for communication. "Horses let you know how they feel. When they are happy it prances its tail in the air. When its angry it pins down its ears. When its afraid it snorts or runs away." (Schafer17)
"If a horse bites or kicks you, its trying to be the boss." (Schafer18)
"Losing your temper or beating a horse only makes it more frightened or nervous. If it isn't behaving it needs training, not anger." (Schafer21) Communication Feelings Schafer, Susan. Horses. New York: Benchmark Books, 2003. Print. Book Used: Horses, Susan Schafer Horses By:Rosa Santoyo
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