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Free read book project

No description

Vicky Feng

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Free read book project

Free Read Book Project Plot Diagram Charles Wallace and Meg are kids who have scientist parents. Their father has been on a trip without communicating with his family for months, and Meg and Charles Wallace are afraid that he is in danger. Information Title: A Wrinkle in Time Author: Madeleine L'engle Year Published: 1962 Genre: Fiction: Fantasy Number of pages: 211 Opinion Thank you for watching! Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who are three unearthly creatures who intend to help the kids. they introduce a new friend, Calvin, to the kids and tell them about a "black thing" the universe and the kids' father were fighting.

Mrs. Which transfers Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin to a planet where the "black thing" has taken over. There, Charles Wallace gets hypnotized by the "black thing". Finally, Meg and Calvin rescue Meg's father. Sadly, they had to leave without Charles Wallace because otherwise they would get hypnotized too. Continued (Plot Diagram Continued) Meg's father transfers them to a planet inhabited by strange and hairy creatures with no eyes. The creatures were kind to them, and prepared them for the trip to rescue Charles Wallace.

After going back to the dark planet, Meg wins Charles Wallace back with love. Finally, Meg, Charles Wallace, and Meg's father reunite with the rest of the family on Earth I think this book was exciting and clever. Some parts of the book were scary, but other parts were filled with warmth. For example, when Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace arrived at the spooky and quiet dark planet, I felt scared. When Meg found her father though, I was filled with warmth. Even though the ending was not as perfect as it was supposed to be because it was too abrupt, I still think that this was a fantastic story. I will give this book four stars out of five.
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