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Greek Education

No description

gs students

on 27 April 2017

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Transcript of Greek Education

Greek Education
Can Women Go To School Too?
The main reason not very many kids went to school is because no girls went to school. All girls stayed back with their moms and did house work because women were not involved in war as much as men were.
Other Greek Education Tools
Teachers used scrolls out of papyrus to teach
They used slaves to help work at the Greek schools
they trained for military using shields
What Was Education For?
Education in Greece was different than education now. Education now would probably be for getting jobs, but in Greece it was mainly used for mental strength in war because Greeks fought a lot.
Wax Tablets
Greeks used interesting tools called wax tablets. These tools where used for school. They took a slate of wood and coverd it with a layer of wax. They used it similar to the way we use paper taday.
Greek Education
When you think about Greek education you probably think they were not that serious about it. They were serious, but not many kids went. Greeks did not have many kids go to school. Lots of kids were slaves or could not afford it.
Music In Greek Education
Music was also an important part of Greek education. Students and teachers used devices called lyres. They are string instruments that were used mostly in dramatic theater.
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