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No description

Nacu Orange Cross

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Fandom

Group work
Fandom members participate in many creative endeavors related to their fandom such as;
- Writing fanfiction (roleplaying as well)
- Creating fan art (images, paintings, edits, videos, music)
- Making crafts, clothes, and various fandom-related merchandise
- Attending conventions or events
- Making and wearing costumes of a character (cosplay)

Overview and Thesis
- A collective group of people formed a community based on the common interest in a book, show, band, or other entity. Fandoms primarily online as the members often use social media as a way of connecting with one another.
Subculture & Fandom
Subculture definition was from Edgar, Andrew, and Peter Sedgwick, Key Concepts in Cultural Theory (1999), “The concept of a 'subculture', at its simplest, refers to the values, beliefs, attitudes and life-style of a minority (or 'sub-') group within society.
Fanarts & Crafts
Social Media
Stephanie, Katie and Celia Group # 7
What do you think you can be a fan of?

Have you ever wanted to know more about a show or similar after watching it?

Is watching a show or similar something you want to share with friends?

Are you in a Fandom? (You do not need to answer if you do not want)
What even is a ‘fandom’?
How does fandom culture fit into youth and subculture studies?
- Definition by Henry Jenkins III (251), “Fandom culture is a vehicle for marginalized subcultural groups (women, the young, gays, and so on) to pry open space for their cultural concerns within dominant representations; fandom is a way of appropriating media texts and rereading them in a fashion that serves different interests, a way of transforming mass culture into popular culture,”
Our thesis
- Fandom: Appropriating and interpreting elements of mainstream culture as a creative outlet
Important Details to Note:
1. Involvement in a fandom is active whereas the non-fan is passive
2. A member of fandom does not have to be a producer of creative material, they can also be a consumer but they must be involved to be considered part of the subculture
3. It is possible to be involved in more than one fandom though most members typically have one main fandom with the others as secondary

• Split up into 3 groups

• Read the excerpts provided

• Discuss the questions in your group and present to the class

“While youth ‘subcultures’ are seen as being active, fan communities still tend to be understood only as audiences, constituted by their relationship to the texts rather than by their active engagement in popular culture.” (Gerry Bloustin, 160)
Guest speaker
- The culture of this group will diverge from, although be related to, that of the dominant group …Subcultures articulate their opposition principally through exploiting the significance of styles of dress and patterns of behavior (or rituals).

- The subculture may therefore be seen to negotiate a cultural space, in which the contradictory demands of the dominant parent culture can be worked through, or resisted, and in which the group can express and develop its own identity

What elements of a subculture does the fandom culture possess? Are there any elements that make you question whether it should be classified as a subculture?

Can you draw any connections from fandom culture to the two articles we had to read and reflect on? If so, what connections can be made?

Movies & Books
Anime & Manga
Creative expression
Women majority
Related with gaming subcultures
Increased with social networks
=> need to be shared
Cosplay as liberation of;
Brings fantasy into reality
Pleasure tool just to have funny ("role")
Psychological disorder
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
DC comics
Hunger Games
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