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call of duty is created bye ben chichoski is a first and a

No description

eli hufstetler

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of call of duty is created bye ben chichoski is a first and a

call of duty is created by ben chichoski is a first and a third person shooter game
*ben chichoski is considerd to be worth 120 million dollors *his most profitiable vidio game is call of duty
*the game was oringaonly made for pc but now plays in several diffrent gameing systems
ben chinkoski was born july 15th,1971

he has made 120 million dollors in his carrer

ben chinckoski has made one of the best games of all time
ben has crated more games but call of duty is his most famous
call of duty is a life like experiance
created by eli h
he is the head of treyarc snf infenity ward
it is very realistic just like ure in a real war
credits to bibliograpy .com
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