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Present Day Afghanistan

universal message author is communicating about present afganistan

Keep Calm

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Present Day Afghanistan

The Kite Runner By: Khaled Hosseini Countries that were affected by civil war make slow progress toward achieving safety and peace "brothers and sisters Power loss Human Right Abuse Racism
And what is the manner of punishment, brothers and sister, befits the adulterer? How shall we punish those who dishonor the sanctity of marriage? How shall we answer those who throw stones at the windows of Gods house? WE SHALL THROW THE STONES BACK!"

P. 283 Then Now Compare Some rights that were deprived:

Everyone has the right to life and to live in freedom and safety.
No one has the right to hurt you or to torture you.
Everyone has the right to be treated equally by the law.
No one can bother you or your family without a good reason.
No one has the right to take away any of the rights in this declaration Afghan Penal Code 7-15 years in jail being convicted of 'zina' (fornication outside marriage) Rape = Adultery Depends on judges' perception of sexual intercourse Socialism Monarchy King Zahir Shah 1933-1973 Its not just Afghanistan Rebel Group *Democracy "So Amir Jan, you're going to tell us why you have brought back this boy with you?"
"Iqbal jan! What sort of question is that?" khala jamila said.
"While your busy knitting sweaters, my dear I have to deal with the community's perception of our family. People will ask. They will want to know why there is a 'Hazara boy' living with our daughter. What do I tell them?" I have told you when we all celebrated in 1996 when the Taliban rolled in and put an end to the daily fighting. I remember coming home that night finding hassan in the kitchen, listening to the radio. He had a sober look in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong, and he just shook his head. "God help the Hazara now, Rahim khan sahib," he said. Discussion Questions If Baba was still alive do you think he'd go back and try to fix afghanistan for the better? and if so how?

Why do you think Karzai put a Hazara woman as a governor? One More Thing... The young woman pulled the shawl down over her face. Burst into tears. The toddler sitting in her husbands lap started crying too. The husband's face had become as pale as the moon above. He told Karim to ask "Mister Soldier Sahib" to show some a little mercy, maybe he had a sister or a mother, maybe he had a wife too. The Russian listened to Karim and barked series of words. Pusthan
AROUND 80% Hazara
20% (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Kabul Hamid Karzai Taliban Mohammad Daoud Khan Topics The end, the official end, would come first in April 1978 with the communist coup d'état, and then in December 1979, when Russian tanks would roll into the very same streets where Hassan and I played, bringing the death of the Afghanistan I knew and marking the start of a still ongoing era of bloodletting.
p.38 Algeria
Congo (Zaire)
Ivory Coast
Laos Hmong
Middle East
North Africa
Central Asia
United States
Yemen female governor and mayor Threaten by Taliban Hazara University Bamiyan Habiba Sarabi Works Sited

The Kite Runner, Khaled hosseni mid 90's Thesis
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