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No description

tricia schmit

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Night

Double click anywhere & add an idea What is Elie saying
about fire? How does Elie regard
fire in relation to the
Holocaust? What is fire suppose
to symbolize? What is the relationship
between fire as a symbol
and literary archetypes? Fire = Hell, Evil, Death "a dark flame"(p.34) : it takes over
took over his soul
"The antechamber of Hell" (p. 32): looks like the fire/crematories Pain, Death, Hell, Agony "Agony in the flames" (p. 31) "...There it was now right in front of us,
the pit and its flames...I was face to face
with the angel of death" (p. 31) Fire is inturpreted as
"Here the word 'furnace' was not a word empty of meaning: it floated on the air, mingling with the smoke." (p. 36)
Death lingered in the air = irony
Physical and mental; smoke burning dying people
Smoke of fear, death, and defeat
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