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MacBook Air "Boot Camp" 2013

How do we, as responsible students,learn about the tools available on and proper care of the MacBook Air?

Adam Babcock

on 7 August 2017

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Transcript of MacBook Air "Boot Camp" 2013

MacBook Air "Boot Camp"
How do we, as responsible students, learn about the tools available on
and proper care of our MacBook Airs?

Your MacBook Air
Logging in
& WiFi access

The Dock
Care and fueling of your MacBook
Log in using the
Post-It on your keyboard

Red dot
closes a window
Gold dot
minimizes to the Dock
Green dot
enlarges a window
Let's get organized!
In your Documents folder, use the
icon to create a folder for each of your classes.
You can also
-code folders by selecting them
and then using the Gear icon.
File storage options:
1. Hard Drive of the MacBook
2. USB Drive
3. Network folder
don't lose it!
may appear on the desktop and in finder at login
Videos, music and pictures take up the most space, so know you may have to take some off to make room for school work in the future!
only available at school
Online "follows you on the Internet" file storage:
Use a three-finger drag to bring folders or files to your Dock
We know from using phones or tablets that different finger motions can make the screen respond differently. Some of these Trackpad settings can be customized, too.
Software programs can be found in the Applications folder in the Finder.
Make sure you drag the ones with icons to your Dock!
iMovie (making videos)
Safari (for Internet)
iCal (for your planner)
If you need to move your MacBook somewhere, close the lid and carry it carefully to the new location...
NEVER carry a laptop by its lid/screen
When you are finished using the MacBook for the day, select a complete SHUT DOWN to make sure you get a clean start and any updates the next morning.
Charge your laptop at home overnight to be ready for school the next day. Use a grounded plug;
do not attach plug adapters to the charging cable
. And
NEVER use any charger except the school-issued one
No food or drinks near your MacBook, please
Chapter 1: Learn about the tools available
Clicking on Dock icons launches programs or opens files

YOUR Chapter: Apply these tools to educate yourself
Somewhere, there is still kind of classroom....
...but there is a kind of classroom where the technology allows kinds of learning that were not possible before.
SHS can become that kind of school!

...with willingness to learn something new
and some

Be careful what you post online: it may be seen and passed on to many viewers
be held to high standards in-person (offline) and online
use a variety of web 2.0 tools to show evidence of your own learning
With these tools, you will:
be responsible for your own learning
Pages (similar to Word)
Easiest option, as long as you use your assigned laptop

Taken by a teacher on cell phone in Chicago
Printed in the La Junta Tribune-Democrat
Also ran in newspapers in New York and other states
Viewed globally on the web
More about these tomorrow...
are the people we've been waiting for.
The world needs your talents
Why Now?
Why us?
www.youtube.com/watch?v=RamYdyilfDs by connectingclassrooms
Adapted from:

Apple - Finder Basics (2 mins.)
Keynote (similar to PowerPoint)
Chapter 2: Learn to navigate the Web
use tools to collaborate
in and out of school

Mac 101 - Safari Bookmarks (4m)
Bookmark the next few sites!
We all want to be
, so, before we start, let's set some classroom guidelines before we proceed.
Student Email
Save a -page- for reading offline
NOTE: You cannot surf to /click any links on an offline page when you have no Internet connection.
Your homework last night and our overview for today...
Apple - PC to Mac The Basics (5m)
NOTE: Anything filtered at school will be filtered anywhere else, on any other WiFi! The District keeps a log of what you see/do and when you see/do it. Tampering with any of our filters or tracking systems is a disciplinary offense.
If we suspect something, we will find it.
If students show adults they can use the MBAs and the Internet responsibly, we can trust them with responsibility to more sites (YouTube, etc.)... it's up to YOU!
Use a three-finger drag to "Trash" or delete files and folders
See the video demos in the middle of this page:
(Teachers: You will have to hit esc to switch tabs to see the video demos!)
How to Use AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion (1m)
The Internet has informed us about the problems of our time better than any generation... and what do we do in response?
What will you use these tools, this awareness...

and this constant connection to
Welcome to Office 365 (3m)
Edmodo Demo video (2m)
Now that you've signed in, change your email address to your
@spart7.onmicrosoft.com address.
That way, you get your updates in-school. (You can't get personal email on your Mac!)
Join the
"Vikings Ignite"
group to keep up to date with school technology news, training and events!
High School
"Vikings Ignite"

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