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Fierce Conversations--Beach Ball Philosophy

No description

rachel santos

on 28 April 2012

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Transcript of Fierce Conversations--Beach Ball Philosophy

What is a
FIERCE CONVERSATION? 1. Master the Courage
to Interrogate Reality. 2. Come out from behind yourself into
the conversation and make it real. 3. Be here, prepared to be nowhere else. 4. Tackle your toughest challenge today. 5. Obey your instincts. 6. Take Responsibility for your emotional wake. 7. Let silence do
the heavy lifting. 1. a loud argument about important issues

2. telling someone to follow the rules/regulations/contract or face disciplinary consequences

3. a conversation in which we bring ourselves into the discussion and make it real

4. a conflict resolution process that involves a referee What is
your message? Starting Fierce Conversations

Rachel Santos
Mike McCoy 3. a conversation in which we bring ourselves into the discussion and make it real Unfierce Conversations Error 1: So how's it going? Error 2:
The Oreo Cookie Error 3:
Too Many Pillows Error 4:
Writing the Script Error 5:
Machine Gun Nelly “One conversation at a time you are
building, destroying, or flatlining your relationships.
It’s possible to create high-intimacy,
low-maintenance relationships-
one relatively brief conversation at a time.” Life is curly. Don't try to straighten it out.
Beach Ball
Official v. Ground Truth
The Blame Game: the person who most acurrately describes reality without placing blame will emerge the leader
Bread crumbs always lead back to the CEO
No more but, just and
You get what you tolerate--integrity outages
The Answers are in the Room So what is your message?
What do I want them to remember tomorrow?
Appreciation, praise--there's so little of it going around Remember:
Interrogate reality
Explore your partners' realities completely before making decisions
Place no blame--but vs. and
Watch physical symptoms
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