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On the Road To Success

RCC New Student eResources Orientation

RCC eLearning

on 12 March 2016

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Transcript of On the Road To Success

In this eResources presentation, we will explore the myRCC portal, which includes:
Your RCC Email,
The Blackboard Online Classroom,
TutorTrac and the Academic Success Centers (ASC),
The RCC Library,
SIGI 3 and
Your RCC User ID: It Starts Here!
The myRCC Portal
Sign-in with the username and password provided to you from Admissions.
Set Your Password Reset Questions
Complete the following four (4) password reset questions.
Choose questions and answers that you will remember later!
Welcome to your myRCC portal!
Once you have entered the myRCC Portal, the LaunchPad is the key to accessing your eResources.
Have a
great semester!
On the Road To Success
with RCC eResources
Welcome and congratulations on your decision to advance your education at RCC! Expect to do amazing things here!

As a new student at RCC, you are bound to have questions. This eResources presentation is designed to introduce you to the online tools you'll need to experience student success!
A Welcome from Dr. Wood...
Welcome To RCC!
Access the myRCC portal through the RCC website
homepage at http://www.sunyrockland.edu.
Click here!
Schedule free tutoring sessions through TutorTrac
in the Launchpad or by clicking Academics.
iTunesU has a variety of lectures,
videos and other materials.
Plan your career path! Access SIGI 3 and JobNet through the Career Services link.
The Library has thousands of print and
digital resources to assist you!
Update your resume and get jobs
on and off campus through JobNet!

Academic life at RCC begins with your User ID and password. Your RCC User ID is the key to establishing an online presence at RCC. You should have received your User ID from Admissions when you registered as a student.

Use your User ID to access the myRCC portal through the RCC website homepage at http://www.sunyrockland.edu.

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