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Colonial Family History

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Elizabeth Hail

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Family History

Colonial Family History
Elizabeth Hail Pd3
U.S history Project
Name- Mercy Halloway
Age- 14
Colony- New England
Mercy Halloway was an only child to a widowed father. Her mother had passed away when she was born. She and her father lived in a small, timber framed house with a steep roof. They have a single chimney in the center of their home. They are somewhat of a poor family. Mercy usually wears simple dresses of wool linen or cotton. She also wore an apron over the skirt part of her dress. Mercy does the work that a woman would usually do in her home. She cooks, sews,etc. She also helps her father with his books for his trade. Although she worked in the home and with books for her father, she was more interested in learning her father's trade, being a cooper. She also did not like the natives. She thought the indians should just leave them alone because the colonists have every right to be here,too. She is a Puritan and she went to church a lot. Mercy is too young and busy to have a relationship or children.
Name- Samuel Warren
Age- 27
Middle Colonies
Samuel Warren is a privateer, a legal pirate. He wasn't married, nor did he have any children. He is a middle class man, since he does have a home, a crew, more than enough food, etc. Samuel wore mostly cotton or linen shirts and breeches. He also wore boots. Since he is a privateer, he needs his ship and his crew. Most days he can be found sailing and legally taking from other ships. He does have a small home, though. It is mainly wood with smaller windows. When he meets another ship from another colony, he might feel the need to relieve them of some of their cargo. He doesn't enjoy the company of Natives, because if they had the chance, they would take what he had for themselves.
Name-Jonathan Bartlet
Southern Colonies
Jonathan Bartlet is a night watch man at the docks. His job is dangerous, and he has weapons concealed for protection. He also has a fiddle to play for when he is nervous. It calms him some. His main concern is for his safety. There is quite a large chance of thievery at night and there at the docks. The cargo being brought in includes gold and slaves, so he has to be vigilant. Johnathan is middle class and lives in a small house mainly of brick. The house has one chimney on each side to keep it completely warm. He usually wears breeches that are knee length or longer. He wears shoes or boots, mainly the latter. His shirt would be linen or cotton. He also wore a hat. Jonathan is polite to crews of the ships from other colonies, but either ignores or is rude to the slaves. He is Anglican and celebrates holidays with his family, such as his parents or cousins. Jonathan sleeps most of the day, and works at night. He also lives by himself.
Name-Marilyn Cook
Australian colony
Marilyn Cook is the wife of a Naval officer named Charles Cook. She has 2 children. Marilyn works at home; watching the children, cooking, etc. Marilyn and her family live in a small, wooden cabin that will be reinforced eventually. She is an Anglican, as is her husband an family. They aren't a very wealthy family, but they are better off than many people who came to Australia. She wears clothes that she brought from England that aren't too fancy. She wears full length cotton or linen dresses with an apron. She is concerned about her husband's safety because he is a Naval officer that was sent to this land to watch the convicts. She doesn't want them to harm him. When ever she is outside, she is very vigilant. There are Aboriginals who live around the area. Whenever she sees them, she yells at them or throws things to try to scare them away. Although they are very far from home, they still celebrate holidays like Christmas.
Mercy H.
Marilyn C.
Samuel W.
Jonathan B.
Spouse's Occupation
Interactions with others
Works at home & helps father with books
Night Watchmen
Works at home
Naval Officer
Theresa Cook-4
Charles Cook II-2
Timber framed home with a steep roof; chimney in center of home.
House mainly made of wood w/ small windows;
House of brick and has two chimneys on each side of it.
Small, wood cabin
Cotton or linen shirts, and breeches. Wore boots
Breeches to the knee or lower, Shoes or boots, shirt
Simple dresses of wool linen or cotton, wore an apron over skirt part of dress.
Wants to learn her father's trade
Is very superstitious, concerned about many things; believes in omens and bad luck
Concerned for his own safety & job. If someone tries to steal something, he could get hurt, if they succeed he'll most likely lose his job.
Concerned about her husband's well-being. He is one of the officers who keeps the convicts in line. Concerned about the Aboriginals and convicts there.
Doesn't like to even be near Natives, he thinks they'll curse him with their presence.
Natives often get glares or yelling from her. She doesn't like them and thinks they should leave.
Polite to captains of the ships that come in; either ignores or is rude to the slaves that are brought.
Threatens the Aboriginal that are native to the area; will often throw things at them or yell to make them leave.
Social Class
Daily Life
Poor class
Working class
Working/poor class
Working class
She usually cooks, sews, etc. and then helps her father with books every day.
Most days he is sailing and legally relieving other ships of their cargo. His cook makes food for all of his crew, and he doesn't do much to manage the ship. His crew does that.
He usually sleeps all day, then gets up around dusk, eats something and goes to work. He returns home when the sun comes up.
She is never out at night. She usually cooks for her family, then sews or patches clothes.etc. She watches her children daily and does all the house work.
1- Why would people want to leave their homes to come to the Thirteen Colonies?

2- How did the geography and natural resources impact the way the colonists lived in the Southern Colonies?

3- Why did people come to the Middle colonies?

4- How did geography and climate impact the New England colonies' economy?

5- How did the colonists in the Southern colonies establish order?

6- How did people modify the environment in the New England colonies?

7- What are some of the economic characteristics of the Middle colonies?

8- What are some the geographical characteristics of the Middle colonies?

9- How did the colonists interact with the Natives?

10- How did the majority of people in the Australian colonies live?

Full length dresses of cotton or linen with an apron over it.
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