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No description

Charlie Warden

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Collaboration

Point, Line Plain... -Building blocks of everything
-These elements allow designers to create
-Often overlooked as a result of modern
age advanced technologies Texture Tactile grain of surfaces and substances Texture Harmony and Contrast Texture Emphasis Color "All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites." (Marc Changall) The Color Wheel Primary Point Line Plane Flat surface extending in height and width Color Color exists literally in the eye of the beholder
IT'S IN ART, WORK, AND LIFE Marks a position in space A point can take many forms Many points together form a line Infinite series of points A line can be found almost anywhere Closest component to being a shape
(only missing edges) Examples: walls,ceilings, windows, etc. Color can convey a mood, describe reality, or codify information Secondary Tertiary, Compliments, Analogous We cannot perceive color until light bounces off an object and enters our eyes Shade Tint Saturation Textures correspond to their visual function Physical and virtual High Contrast is built from large elements Low Contrast has fine, delicate grain Surface can be more
important than markings Provoke visual concept Variation of the color made by adding white Variation of the color made by adding black (Chroma) Purity of the color as it neutralizes to grey Collaboration Gallery Room 1
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