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Markéta Pechová

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Norway


The Capital city is about as big as Prague. Annualy there are held ski jumping in Holmenkollen. Oslo is situated in the south east part of Norway. It was called Christiania in past. It’s the most important part in Norway. There are many forests and lakes in the city.


The most significant museum in Oslo is the Ski museum.

is the highest mountain in Norway, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.
Is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion.
Norway is a popular target for those who like sea fishing. The deep fjords and the long coast line offer a unique variety of fishing areas.

Lofoten is an archipelago in the Norwegian coastline made ​​up of about 80 islands.
Is a waterfall located in the municipality of Odda in western Norway.

· Observations of the aurora is breathtaking and mystical moment .
Traditions and Customs


Christmas are among to the most popular holiday in year. Local baby is gnome Julenissen. They have lamb spareribs with braised cabbage for diner.
17 th May:
Norwegians in this joyous day lead the parade and they are wearing national costume. This day is Children’s Day, too.
: Feast of the Olaf-This day celebrates the death of saint Olaf, who died at the battle of Stiklstadej. It’s celebrated mainly in rural and museums. People dancing folk dances and eats traditional dishes.

Thank you for your attention
Nikola Horínková, Markéta Pechová, SC2
Norsko je stát ve Skandinávii.
Se svou rozlohou 8. místo v Evropě.
Hlavním městem je Oslo.
Sousedí se Švédskem
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