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1st Hour- Puerto Rico

No description

Nikki Levine

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of 1st Hour- Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
Nikki Levine, Luke Supina, and Parker Orlowsky
San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. It is on the water and there are many places to stay.
El Yunque
El Yunque has a beautiful forest with palm trees, mini waterfalls, beaches, and much more.
1) Salsa is popular in Puerto Rico. in Spanish, salsa means sauce.

2) Frijoles Negros is a dish made with black beans, and is popular in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, and other Central American countries.

3)Chayote is a type of squash, and is an edible plant.
Puerto Rico celebrates many holidays that America also celebrates.
1)Three Kings Day- celebrated on January 6, and it is 12 days after Christmas.
2)Christmas- Christmas is celebrated on December 25, like the U.S.A.
3) They also celebrate Dia del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico, which is the discovery of Puerto Rico. It is celebrated on November 19.
Popular Sports in Puerto Rico
There are 3 main sports in Puerto Rico. Baseball, basketball, and cockfighting.
85% of Puerto Rico is Roman Catholic, and 15% is other religions.
Famous People
Traditions and Customs
Parrandas- there are carnivals or street parties that fill the street.
Parades- People dance across the street, sing, and have fun. A common outfit for a woman, is a large dress.
Arts and Crafts- In Old San Juan, they hold a festival based around art. They make oil paintings, sculptures, and more!
Fiesta de la Calle San Sebastian- a giant party, with food, dancing, liberation, and other fun stuff.
Night of Saint Juan- people jump into the sea backwards, seven times, to try to get rid of bad luck.
Puerto Rico is a self governing comonwealth in association with the United States. The head of their government is a governor that is elected. Their government is a representative democracy.
Natural Disasters
In Puerto Rico, their most common natural disasters are hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

Natural Resources
There are minerals found on the islands such as:
There are also things dug up from the ground:
Environmental Issues
San Juan,Puerto Rico
In the year A.D 1000, Arawak Indians settled in Puerto Rico.
In 1493, Christopher Columbus went on his 2nd voyage, he claimed Puerto Rico as an island for Spain
In 1952, Puerto Rico is declared a self government country.
Isabela is on the water. There are sculptures on the beach and near the forest.
Puerto Rico has a variety of unique and marine ecosystems. It has forests, sea grass beds, coral reefs, rain forests, dry forests, and coastal plains.
The climate of Puerto Rico is a tropical climate zone. The average temperature is around 80 degrees, in lower down areas. In the mountains, temperatures average around 70 degrees. The rainy season starts around April and ends around November.
Jaun Ponce- The first spanish settler in Peurto Rico
Luis Munoz- A governer in Puerto Rico.
Carlos Beltrain- A MLB player from Puerto Rico
3 examples of environmental issues are droughts,water shortage, and bad soil.
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