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More De'VIA Art!

No description

Jenny Harris

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of More De'VIA Art!

More De'VIA Art!
Resistance De'VIA Art
Most Deaf art can be considered "resistance art".

This kind of art shows that Deaf people just want to be accepted and respected!

Betty Miller was the pioneer for De'VIA art and encouraged Deaf people to discuss their childhood experiences using art.
Chuck Baird
Chuck was born deaf and is now known as one of the notable founders of De'VIA art!
Susan Dupor
Susan Dupor's works are great in identifying Resistance De'VIA!
De'VIA Artwork is Important to the Deaf Community!
As Deaf people continue to struggle with their oppressed upbringing, Resistance Art allows them to express their emotions freely!
More of Chuck Baird's works!
"Deaf art expresses the values of deaf culture-- the beauty of sign language and its painful oppression..."- Chuck Baird
Forbidden Signing
"Why Me?"
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