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Pi Day! π

My prezi for our pi day celebration!!! π π π

Emily Richards

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Pi Day! π

3.14159... Today is.... Pi Day!!!! π π What is pi you may ask? Pi is what you get when you divide the circumference of a circle by the diameter of a circle. Pi is a constant number that never changes, even though the diameter and circumference do. Circumference is the distance measured around a circle. The diameter of a circle is the distance between the top of a circle to the bottom in a directly straight line. Circumference Diameter There are trillions of digits of pi. People STILL haven't figured them all out. It is a never ending number that all circles have when you divide the circumference by the diameter of a circle. Did I mention that I was quizzing you? Don't worry... there is still more information coming Mathematicians in the Babylonian Empire in approximately 2,000 BC, had already discovered that pi was 25/8 or 3.125. In the Middle Kingdom, Egyptian mathematicians calculated pi to be approximately 3.16 Pi is an infinite decimal, and unlike other infinite decimals, it does not have a pattern. For example, 0.3333333 has a single repeating pattern. It was proven by Johann Lambert in 1768 that there is no possible pattern to pi.They have calculated over 1.2 TRILLION digits of pi. QUIZ TIME! Question 1....
What is pi and how do you get it? Question 2...
What does circumference and diameter mean? Question 3...
Who first calculated pi
to be approximately 3.16? Question 4...
How many digits are in
pi? HAHA! Trick question...
Pi keeps going on and on forever! Question 5...
What are the first five decimals in pi? Question 6...
What day of the year is pi day? March 14th (3/14) for the first part of pi (3.14) THE END! Thanks for watching
and learning about... PI!

Prezi by:
Emily R. Radius This is the pi symbol Example-
If the circumference is 355, and the diameter is 113.00011, you would do 355/113.00011=3.14159 -The ancient Chinese used 3 as the value of pi.
-During the AD 100's, the famous astronomer, Ptolemy of Alexandria calculated a even more precise value of pi.
-The decimal system did not come into use until the 1600's, but Ptolemy's value was equal to 3.1416
-After an introduction to the decimal system, mathematicians seeked an exact value for pi-- either a repeating decimal or a value with a limited number of decimal places. Now mathematicians know that there is no such possibility.
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