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Jasmine L

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Cyberbullying

put a stop to it
Cyber bullying .
The Real life Stories of kids.
Megan Meier
What is Cyber bullying ?
7.facts about cyber bullying
What you can do now that you have been informed about cyber-bullying .
1. Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. One in four has had it happen more than once.
The cycle of cyber bullying
One way to put an end to cyberbulling is by NOT staying quiet about it when it happens to you or someone you know like a friend.
2 .About 75% have visited a website bashing another student.
3.Four out of ten middle school students have had their password stolen and changed by a bully who then locked them out of their own account or sent communications posing as them.
5.About 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than four out of ten say it has happened more than once.
4.Over 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly, making it the most common medium for cyber bullying.
An other way is to to tell someone anyone even a friend that you believe can help you with the situation.
Dont stay quiet about cyberbullying
When you reach out for help make sure you print out or save the text and messages that show your being cyberbulled! for proof.
6.Girls are about twice as likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying.
7.90% of victims will not inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse.
"Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. By definition, it occurs among young people. When an adult is involved, it may meet the definition of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, a crime that can have legal consequences and involve jail time"
Cyber bullying statistics .
Many cyber bullies think that bullying others online is funny. Cyber bullies may not realize the consequences for themselves of cyberbullying. The things teens post online now may reflect badly on them later . Also, cyber bullies and their parents may face legal charges for cyber bullying, and if the cyber bullying was sexual in nature or involved sexting, the results can include being registered as a sex offender. Teens may think that if they use a fake name they won't get caught, but there are many ways to track some one who is cyber bullying
How can cyberbullying be stopped
A link that can help prevent cyber bullying
2.You can have a talk with your kids and ask if they are being bullied.
October 7, 2003.
Ryan was 13 when he
committed suicide
to cyber bullying.
He was born in Poughkeepsie.
He spent kinder to 4th grade in
special ed. He was picked on in middle school when the 8th graders
realized he was in special ed.
Amanda Tod is one of the many cases affected by cyber bulling. Amanda Tod was bullied for a long time. She tryed everything to stop it. She moved schools but the bullying wouldn't stop.Finally she was tired of all the drama so she made a youtube video. In that video she wrote down her story and how sad she was. A lot of people saw it and felt bad but they couldn't save her because after she posted the video a few days went by and then they found her dead. Amanda Todd suicide herself by drinking bleach at the age 15.
Ryan Patrick Halligan 1989 - 2003
Cyberbullying should be stopped
Cyberbullying happens more often then you think.
4.Speak UP for someone being bullied , don't just watch it happen!
Victims get cyberbullied because people have anger, frustration and sometimes people have to much time on their hands and mostly get bored o they start bullying with out good reason why.
Parents should trust their kids online and trust the to be online without their supervision. parents should have a talk with their kids and get them informed of whats out thier in the internet and what could happen.
* Not being embarrassed about it
* Helping someone and speak UP!
Cyber bullying is a cycle . Its starts with one person and keeps spreading.
How can YOU STOP Cyberbullying
Megan Meier was born on November 6, 1992 in O'Fallon, Missouri, to Christina "Tina" Meier and Ronald Meier. She had lived in nearby Dardenne Prairie during her childhood, with her parents and sister Allison.
* saving post and messages that reveal the person who is cyberbullying you or a friend
Mega was bullied through myspace by people she knew. A boy named "Evan" who quoed , "Everybody in O'Fallon knows who you are. You are a bad person and everybody hates you. Have a shitty rest of your life. The world would be a better place without you."
3.Talk to an adult you trust or report the bullying to the website.
One for One Stop cyber bullying
On October 15 of 2006 Megan Meier had hung her self in her closet . The next day she was annouced died .

Amanda Todd 1996 - 2012
Jasmine L , Robert R , Daniella M , Melissa M , Nereida S , Brenda M , ElviraL , Daist dominguez
Thanks for watching !
What we can do to help STOP cyberbullying is raise awarness to the people using the internet and infrom them about the dangers that the internet provides.
Even though we can't compelety erase cyberbullying we can help in ways to stop bullying before it happens. their are websites that can help us with preventing cyberbullying.
1.You can talk with your kids and tell them about the dangers of the internet and how they can be prevent and keep your children away from harm.
Cyberbullying can be stopped but mostly likely doesn't stops because of the repeat offender.
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