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Improving Teaching and Learning using ICT Tools

What are ICT tools and how can they support Unit and Lesson Planning to improve Teaching and Learning?

Reeve Waugh

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Improving Teaching and Learning using ICT Tools

Unit Plans Knowledge and Understanding
Ways of Working And now...
Some ICT Tools... 1. Free Learning Place
ICT Tools Integral ICTs Energise Your support with human resources Be on the
lookout for
new ideas! Assessable Elements Teaching
& Learning
Sequence Choose the ICT to suit the purpose! Look for Variety! There are lots of FREE ICT tools! Always choose ICTs that support the
required student learnings! ICTs that will support student
success with the
Assessable Elements! ‘Nothing is permanent but change.!’ Heraclitus
Greek philosopher
(c.535–475 BC) Our world is changing! Our STUDENTS have changed! Where does this change occur in our teaching? If we want to stay effective...We have to change! ...how we think! ...to take full advantage of how "digital natives" learn! The more you use ICT tools ...
the more you'll find! When integrating ICTs into your Unit and Lesson Plans... look for ICT tools that
enhance Teaching and Learning
through the
TEACHING AND LEARNING SEQUENCE! REMEMBER... And don't lose sight of the big picture.. Improving
Teaching and Learning ... To help schools engage and motivate this new generation of students, they must realise the full educational potential of new technologies. By •Forums,
•Virtual classroom
•Collaborative online projects, includes raps,
travel buddies and virtual field trips Free Curriculum Exchange
ICT Tools 2. •Learning Objects
•Web Quests
•Qld State Archives
•etc... • : Freeware image viewer that can view, edit, and convert image files and play video / audio formats.
• : Open Source multi-track audio editing software to support audio recording, editing and podcast creation.
• : Offers a number of image editing and painting features in a neat application.
• : Microsoft Application for creating digital stories - works in conjunction with Media Player 10.

• : Microsoft Application to create, edit, and share your home movies right on your computer.
• : Tool for capturing audio, video and onscreen presentations in a variety of formats.
• : Create PDF files directly from any application using this software tool. Just select print and let it work its magic.
• : Licensed under the Microsoft Agreement - includes Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Access, Producer and Picture Manager.
• :* a virtual globe, map and geographic information program •FREE ICT TOOLS - ON SCHOOL COMPUTERS: 3. FREE ONLINE COLLABORATIVE ICT TOOLS 4. • (“Elluminate” web conferencing)

• -Voice Thread
• - Poll Everywhere, VotApedia FREE ICT TOOLS - ONLINE RESOURCES 5. e.g. Atomic Learning Tutorials (through Learning Place) FREE ICT TOOLS - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 6. • QSA Essentials e.g. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Cross-curriculum priority
• EQ's ICT Student Expectations FREE ICT TOOLS - PRACTICAL DOCUMENTS 7. You can download this complete resource list with links... http://tinyurl.com/yf23r58 EQ Smart Classrooms website Irfanview Audacity Paint.net Photostory 3 MovieMaker 2.1 Windows Media Encoder PDFCreator Office 2003 Google Earth iConnect Etherpad * Discussion Lists OnePortal Comments Real-Time Polling Internet
Web Quests Bookmarks Google Maps ICT Tools - Resource Sites, incl Interactive Whiteboards Online Webpage Design Online Presentation Tools Online Conversion Tools Online Movie Making Online Art Digital Image Manipulation Thinking and Writing Tools Podcasts/ Videos Browser s/Plugins Email Tools for MS Outlook "How to..." Guides EQ’s OneChannel Digital Pedagogy In Practicel Just as students had to be taught
to see a pencil as a learning tool,
they need to be taught
to see the web as a learning tool. Always look closely to see if ICTs can give students a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their achievement of the Unit and lesson plan's Assessable Elements! How do we use these tools? Many of the ICT tools mentioned have 'EQ' alternatives in the Learning Place ...Life-Long Learners! And Remember... Look at your task, and
select an ICT that best supports
what you are trying to achieve! http://learningplace.eq.edu.au/cx/resources/items/61dc2cc1-514d-8278-c04e-c7b082bf40f5/5/ViewIMS.jsp http://learningplace.eq.edu.au/cx/resources/items/4b1cf8bf-685a-a3f6-e059-7a7e52aec17d/5/viewims.jsp?tempwn.b=access%2Fsearch.do%3Fpg.e%3Dtrue%26pg_pp%3D10%26pg_pg%3D1%26qs.tq%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.td%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.q%3Dgold%2Brush%26b.e%3Dtrue%26sort_s%3DRANK%26she_canDisplay%3Dchecked http://www.sbs.com.au/gold/ http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/bb_site_intro/stage3_Modules/gold/gold.html Interactive Site Learning object Drawing - 1865 Web Quest http://learningplace.eq.edu.au/cx/resources/items/4e597228-9494-9fff-2fc7-42fcececb16c/3/viewims.jsp?tempwn.b=access%2Fsearch.do%3Fpg.e%3Dtrue%26pg_pp%3D10%26pg_pg%3D3%26qs.tq%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.td%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.q%3Dgold%2Brush%26b.e%3Dtrue%26sort_s%3DRANK%26she_canDisplay%3Dchecked Short Video - 1929 Blog http://learningplace.eq.edu.au/cx/resources/items/3563bea4-360b-6596-a6ab-3916f6de294a/6/viewims.jsp?tempwn.b=access%2Fsearch.do%3Fpg.e%3Dtrue%26pg_pp%3D10%26pg_pg%3D3%26qs.tq%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.td%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.q%3Dgold%2Brush%26b.e%3Dtrue%26sort_s%3DRANK%26she_canDisplay%3Dchecked Board Game - 1855 http://learningplace.eq.edu.au/cx/resources/items/e3d2c6a2-dd80-4f44-c0b8-8ca9b9d499cc/2/viewims.jsp?tempwn.b=access%2Fsearch.do%3Fpg.e%3Dtrue%26pg_pp%3D10%26pg_pg%3D4%26qs.tq%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.td%3Dgold%2Brush%26qs.q%3Dgold%2Brush%26b.e%3Dtrue%26sort_s%3DRANK%26she_canDisplay%3Dchecked "Riots" video - 1850 "Prezi" ** Virtual Classroom for Resource Links & Activities Begin with your lesson or unit plan Ten Tips Don't choose an ICT Tool
for the sake of using ICTs... One place you can look for ICT tools is the Curriculum Exchange Expect to see something like this... ict integration (Note "Etherpad" is taught incidentally) ict tool HOW will the tool will be used How do I get started? What ICT Tool allows you to do a task digitally? Look closely at each element/task. What are other teachers using? And Always Remember... (Delicious, Digg, reddit, StumbleUpon*) (other schools/ict providers) e.g. Weebly e.g. Prezi e.g. Zamzar e.g. Dvolvermovie maker e.g. Saatchi Gallery e.g. Photofunia, Big HUGE labs, Createagif, Gickr e.g. Wordle, Cool Text
e.g. TED.com
e.g. Firefox 3, NewsFox e.g. XOBNI Here are some ideas... youtube iConnect learning objects atomic tutorials audacity learning place learning place - wiki/forum ... to develop our students as ... Why? The current generation of students learn and speak ICT with ease. They thrive on its functionality, portability and adaptability.
They use ICT to play and live. EQ Smart Classrooms website As the use of ICT continues to grow globally, students and their parents are increasingly demanding an education that embraces ICT. EQ Smart Classrooms website True or False? 3. STEP!...and keep stepping. Always remember privacy. Don't store EQ data on non-EQ systems! e.g. Group Work Collaborative writing - you could use:
A Forum
Etherpad/Google Wave
Prezi - brainstorming Always... Collaborate?! how we teach! DIRECTLY LINKED AUTHENTIC Did I mention tasks?
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