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No description

Marion Toland

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Colour

When we book in a client what is the salons commercially acceptable service time?
Methods of working effective and safely
What is the correct PPE for stylist
What is the correct PPE for the client
Protect the client clothing
Did you include:
The Basics of colour
Colour is the most creative and challenging of all hairdressing services.
As with all services we need to look at the clients journey form start to finish
Post it note
place the commercial time scale for each service on the heading round the room
No liquids will penetrate on to the clients clothing
Absorb moisture
Read manufacturers instructions
Barrier cream
Mixing measurements
Protect your self
Application methods
Remove all products after use
Dispose of products
Store handle and use
Ensure the safety of the client
Skin test when and why?
What reaction could you get?
Data protection
Why is this important
Record cards
What do we put on them?
Can the client have them?
contact detail
Using the post it notes state one reason why it is COSHH is important
COSHH why is this important?
What test should you do?
Strand test
Development test
What about contra indications?
Round the room there are some pictures can you add the correct name and description to them?
You have 10 mins
What about this?
Carrying out a consultation
What makes a good consultation for colour?
Using the pictures in front of you, make a list of what questions you would ask the client
So what have we covered so far?
Contra indications
Data Protection
Did You include
Identify and discuss the clients wishes.
Is the process possible?
Can you achieve the target colour
What products are you going to use
What will your method of application be
How did you choose the target colour?
What is this chart called?
International colour chart
How does it work?
We use the ICC to select the dept and tone of the clients colour
What is depth?
What is tone?
You have 5 mins
Working in pairs , complete a consultation on each other, determine the base you are working from, and the target colour
You have 5 mins
The principles of colour
What is colour?
White sunlight is made up of all colours.
you can see this in a rainbow
Complete the grid
5 mins
In hairdressing we look at primary and secondary colours
Do you know what they are?
Primary colours
Secondary colours
Anyone heard of the colour wheel or colour star?
By mixing two primary colours together you will get the secondary colours
So lets have a go!
On your sheet of paper draw a star
Add the primary colours
Now mix the red and yellow together to get orange (gold)
Now mix the yellow and blue together to get green
blue ad red
to get violet
How do we use the colour star?
The principles are that the opposite colours of the spectrum will neutralise one another
can be neurtalise by

You go across the star to neutralise
round to add tone
So what have we learned so far?
Lets tidy up the room
Check the depth and tone
What part of the hair will the colour go?
How many types of colour are there?
What happens to the colour molecules
Semi permanent
Quazi colour
How does it get the molecules into the cortex?
It can do this because of the strength of the peroxide
What happens when you use bleach?
So what have we learned so far?
Temporary and semi permanent colour can only stain the cuticle
It has no peroxide
So it cannot open the cuticle to let the colour go into the cortex
Quasi , permanent and bleach
These colours will all go into the cortex because of the peroxide
So how does peroxide work
Peroxide and bleach are oxidising agents
So lets recap
Produce a poster on how colour works on the hair
Hair is made up of molecules
Depending on the amount of melanin and pheomelanin will depend on how light or dark your hair is
Diluting hydrogen peroxide
6% or 20vol give how many lifts?
0-1 lifts
9%or 30vol gives how many lifts?
2-3 lifts
12% or 40vol gives how many lifts?
3-4 lifts
If you only have 40 vol but need 20 vol
ratio of 2:2 or 1:1
If you have 40vol but need 30 vol
ratio of 3:1
If you have 30 vol but need 20 vol
ratio of 2:1
Case study
What strength of peroxide would you use?
Use the dilution ratio
How hair lightens
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