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No description

cheryl manley

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of rowanblcksmithshop

shop the blacksmith is
a really important
person to the
pioneer village what is a blacksmith?
a blacksmith makes
his tools out of iron
he uses a anvil to
bend the metal to
build his tools and
to build for other
pioneers if they need it. a blacksmith melts
the iron rods in the
furnace to make his
tools and to make s
hooks for the pioneer
village. anvil the blacksmith
used a big bellow
to heat the iron
rods blacksmith furnace blacksmith furnace The blacksmith is a
really important
person to the pioneer
village because he
makes all. The tools for
the pioneers so they can
garden their crops and
hunt the aimals and
use the fer for blanket's
and use the meat for food. anvil. a anvil used for
making tools

bellow.a bellow is used
for bloing air on the hot
coal to make fire

hammer.a hammer is
used for banging the
iron rod's

iron.iron is used for a lot
of thing's like a s hook's

horseshoes.horseshoes were
used for horses feet I hope you have a
good Christmas by:Rowan
2012.Dec.thu an anvil is used
for bending iron
and metal into
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