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UIC Hospital

No description

Katie Petersen

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of UIC Hospital

Case Study
Patients Served By Facility
Reimbursement / funding
Type of clientele
Limited options
Who to talk to

All patients treated regardless of insurance
Most patients have Medicare

Group-case mix = bulk payment
Discharge home = loss of reimbursement
Providers In Facility
Physical Therapists


PT students

PT aides

Patient care without aides

Facility Description
University of Illinois

Shannon, Nicole, Katie, Rima,
Jeana, Ray, Jerrold, Michelle
Patient Access To Healthcare At Facility
Patient Care Process
Placed on consult list post-operation
If therapy is needed, moved to in-patient
96% of referrals come from within hospital

Patient Example

Physical Access

Resources Available To PTs
A male in his 40s endures a four story fall at his construction job in February of 2014
UIC Mission Statement
Patient centered care
Maximal functional gains
Eradicate health disparities

Rehab Facility
In-patient 5th floor (9 rooms)
Average stay - 12 days

Coworkers - physical therapists


Access to university's resources

Continuing education courses

Combined Sections Meeting (CSM)

Occupational Therapists

Speech Therapists


Social Workers

Medical Doctors


Therapy At Facility
One on one therapy with therapist

Group therapy
better response to situation
examples: stroke, chronic illness, fall risk, patient education

Typical Work Week
Morning meeting

Work Week
40 hours per week
8 hours a day
24 units of treatment (6 hours)
One weekend per month
Extra time

He sustained an L1 burst fracture but was deemed nonoperative and given a TLSO (back brace)
Due to the chronicity of his pain and worsening angulation seen on MRI, he underwent T10-L3 fusion in June of 2015
Medical history: lumbar microdiscectomy (removing herniated disc material that is pressing on the spinal cord) in 2008
Based on his past medical history and his diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome, what symptoms do you think he would present to physical therapy with?
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