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Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

No description

Ethan Weldon

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Mission San Luis Rey de Francia

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia
Mission San Luis Rey de Francia (aka KIng of the Missions) was 18th in the chain of 21 Missions and was founded on June 13th, 1798 by Father Fermin Lasuen about 40 miles north of San Deigo and 5 miles from the coast. This mission is California Historic Landmark No. 239.
Mission Compound
This mission, being the largest, has various buildings such as a patio, workshops, and a cemetery. Even three different infirmeries. Inside the patio there was a Peruvian pepper tree, the first in California. They had cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and horses.
Mission Church and Bell Tower

This Mission's church and bell tower have numerous special features. The church is made of both burnt and adobe bricks with a tile roof. Only this church and the one at San Juan Capistrano are in this unique cross shape. Also, in the center of the tile roof there is a large glass dome to allow light inside the church. The church was painted with native designs. A stone dome with a lookout served as a bell tower.
People and Daily Life
The mission people had a daily routine. It usually went like this, 1st church, 2nd classes, 3rd breakfast, 4th lunch 5th a siesta (nap), 6th work, and 7th bed. This mission made leather, wine, olive oil, crops, fruits, vegetables, soap, and candles.
Mission Hardships
This mission went through many hardships. A huge part of the bell tower fell, as well as many tiles and works of art. Mission San Luis Rey was secularized in 1834.The mission property was striped of all material goods and was abandoned.
The Mission Today
The mission today is used as a church and a museum. The church sells candles to light on the alter.Above the cemetery there is a skull and crossbones that was used in the movie Zorro. Every 15 minutes the bells ring, like this.
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