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Effective Demonstration

No description

Dean Parsons

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Effective Demonstration

Effective Demonstration
Gaining Attention of group
To demonstrate effectively you will first need the attention & focus of the individual or group you are demonstrating to.
Practically Demonstrating
Its important that whatever the sport or activity the demonstration is delivered with quality by the sport leader or coach, the technique must be correct and accurate.

As you demonstrate try and go at a speed that is applicable for the group try and slow the demo down and talk through your actions for ease of understanding.
Length & duration of Demo
Try not to spend too long on demonstrations, try to limit demos to 2 times to an entire group and allow them to practice, if you notice individuals struggling to perform the skill or technique then step in and demonstrate it again to the individual.
We looked at how to effectively demonstrate to a group of participants, through a football activity based around dribbling and spacial awareness.

The purpose of the session was to identify and understand different techniques and methods of delivering an effective demonstration.
New Skills & Techniques
Its a fundamental fact that participants require the knowledge and understanding of new skills and techniques that they need to apply themselves to sport.
Make sure you can be seen whilst demonstrating, make sure all equipment needed is ready to use or borrow off a group or player.
Interaction With the group
Its possible for a sports leader or a coach to use the audience/participants in any demonstration providing the participants are able to perform the technique or skill.
Why Demonstrate?
We often demonstrate in sport to teach a new skill or technique, to groups or individuals for ease of understanding within sport sessions.
How do you Demonstrate?
Demonstrations can be carried out using a variety of different methods but all must consider the following to be effective and successful.
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