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Katie Meeker

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Vaping

Vaping: The Healthier Way of Life
What they contain
E-cigarettes contain nicotine which is the same highly addictive substance that is in cigarettes
E-cigarettes contain different levels of nicotine which allows the user to control how much nicotine they want to ingest
People who smoke cigarettes however are not only addicted to nicotine, but the tar and other chemicals that are added to cigarettes to maintain dependency
Other chemicals are added to cigarettes that are used to increase the addictiveness of cigarettes
Why Vaping?
E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that use a heating element to vaporize a liquid called e-juice
There are many different kinds of e-cigarettes that provide various styles and mechanics that provide various levels of vapor to enhance and personalize your vaping experience
E-cigarettes are designed to simulate smoking which helps satisfy the cravings ex-smokers experience when quitting
There are many different types of juices as well, with many flavors at a variety of nicotine levels
How They Affect The Body
E-cigarettes affect on the body is small and largely unknown due to the fact that they are only a few years old
Vaping improves the damaging affects of smoking in the body
There are no known deaths caused by vaping
How E-Cigarettes Affect The Environment
The vapor exhaled from e-cigarettes contains little to no chemicals that would hurt the air and the environment
Cartridges from e-cigarettes can litter the earth if people do not throw them away
"E-cigarettes can cut down on pollution as long as they are disposed of properly
Vaping Vs. Smoking
E-cigarettes taste better than cigarettes
They smell better than cigarettes
They have less harmful effects on the body than smoking
They are less addictive than cigarettes
They are less toxic for the environment
What are e-cigs?
Different Mods
E-cigarettes contain:
VG(Vegetable Glycerin) which is found in vegetable oil
PG (Propylene Glycol) which is used as a non-toxic anti freeze
Water-Soluble Flavors

Cigarattes Contain:
acetone: used in nail polish
ammonia: common household cleaner
lead: used in batteries and tar
carbon monixide: released in car fumes
Smoking causes a variey of cancers and other lung dieseases such as bronchitis and emphysema
Smoking also causes clogging of arteries to the heart and brain
Each year, more deaths are caused by smoking than drug use, vehicle injuries, suicides, murders, and HIV combined
How Cigarettes Affect The Environment
Globally, about 4.3 trillion cigarette butts litter the earth every year
Cigarette butts make up 50% of all of the litter across the world
Cigarettes are non-biodegradable so they do are not decomposed by biological means
Cigarette butts contain chemicals that pollute the ocean and other bodies of water.
The chemicals that leak into the ocean drastically affect the marine environment and poison the marine animals.
Cigarette butts cost millions in economic due to pollution and also cause damages due to fires

The Positive Effects of the Vaping Subculture
The e-cigarette subculture has a positive influence on society because it provides an alternative to smoking and allows people to lead healthier lives
They provide people the same social community that smokers have but instead of influencing each other in a negative way, they think of inventive ways to improve their own vaping experience
Creates a positive message for smokers to be able to escape the lifestyle they are chained too and lead a new healthy life encouraged by people who also want to lead healthier smoke-free lives
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