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No description

Manuel Rosso

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of SLL

Customer Development is
Product Marketing as it should be 4 Steps as required reading I've seen this movie before From Traditional Market Research to LS Customer Dev at FOTT What is FOTT Looking for the Problem Do a timeline from when the idea started and work back If it takes too long for a human to do it - automate To validate idea
Technology has little to do with it If you cant convince them
to use a service with a
concierge level of service
you wont be able to to it with
a cold heartless web page Technology is only about scale Common Question
- When do you launch?
How long did it take to develop Getting out of the building
- Sit in kitchens
- Friends drinking wine
-Supermarket shopping experience
- Look in kitchens - recipe books, calendars, meal plans MVP and the dawn of market research - 1950s as the golden era
- Prototyping as a very expensive proposition
- Before you prototype, make sure you have tons of good insights
- Better get some solid market research
- Quantitative Market research
- Focus groups
The Direct Marketing Revoliution - lower cost
- A/B Testing as a new option Messaging Iterations at FOTT Paul Lazarsfeld Welcome - now hit the road Customer Discovery Food $500B Market Grocers stuck in the 80's Moms as heavy users of technology Ignored demographic Responsible for feeding their families Recipes online Same basic tech as in 96 Empower consumers in grocery shopping in the same
way that TiVo game them control over TV Watching Health Variety Savings Time Customer Validation Product Management at P&G for 80 years
$2B in R&D Live the brand Deep culture of know you customer
Qualitatevilyyyy ?
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