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In the book "The Giver" there is Jonas, but there is also something else

Gaby Leung

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of GENETIC ENGINEERING: Within the Giver

The Giver: Genetic Engineering How do people feel about selective breeding Should women be allowed to keep their own baby/ babies I think that it is awesome I think it sucks 6 votes 10 votes depends 1 vote What are the disavantages and advantages of a society where people are created to suit the needs of the society? What is selective breeding Selective breeding with animals, is choosing the best genes and DNA. For example a cow scientist from companies would choose only the fattest and biggest cow. This type of thing can help companies avoid scrawny or sick cows Animal selective breeding may work for people, but what about human selective breeding? How would you feel if you have been chosen youtr parents? What if you had a guy or a girl you like, but the goverment won't let you because the other guy or a girl you like has a disease passed down from their family? Selective breeding keeps people from passing on dangerous diseases like the H.I.V. or diabetes Though animal selective breeding can make cows so muscular it is unatural for such things. Within Jonas' society Birthmothers are not allowed to keep their own babies, when other family units are assigned their babies the mom and dad of the family will love the baby. In our society mothers can look at their babies grow up into fine adults (unfortunatly not for some) and say to themselves "It was worth the trouble and pain". In the book "The Giver" Birthmothers doesn't see their babies after giving birth to them, they can't look at the baby and think"It was worth the nine painful months". In the society Birthmothers probably think "I wonder who my baby was given to, would it be released", but it would be normal for the Birthmother to not care, because it was normal in the society ADVANTAGES If our society chose everyone for specific needs there wouldn't be anyone that would be left out, and everyone would be having the same amount of things. In this kind of society there would be non protesting or war In our societies now a days we all have our own choice on how many kids we want to have. When people give birth to too many children it would cause over population and a shortage of food causing hunger Many people will riot, because there is not enough jobs . Oops not here!!! DISAVANTAGE Fine that maybe the recent egypt protest but you get the point By the one and Only:
Hon-Gab-Chow Ha fell for it again eh Teehee def. for genetic engineering =
The development and application of scientific methods, procedures, and technologies that permit direct manipulation of genetic material in order to alter the hereditary traits of a cell, organism, or population.
lillil We loose our freedom in what we want to do DISCUSSION
TIME YOUR OPINIONS WILL BE VALUED What do you think about Selective Breeding and having a society that chooses a family or a baby for you? How would you feel (For girls)
if you had a baby and the authorities came and took he/she away from you how would you feel if your life had been planned out the same way as everyone What if you were in a society where there was no
-sports team
-sticky picture machines
because everything was planned out for youo already
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