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Meghan McCorkindale

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of 9ilit

Are the most important thing your ever going to have. Friends, are people who you be yourself around, and they wont judge you FRIENDS FRIENDS are the most important thing to me.
My FRIENDS don't judge me.
They help me through the hard times.
They stand by me through thick and through thin.
I have friends, but then i have FRIENDS.
Friends are people i talk to but dont share everything with. I know them and am nice to them, and they are nice back but they're not close to me.
FREINDS are true and 100% dedicated to helping me, supporting me and making me never forget all the stupid embarrassing things I've done.
I love my FRIENDS and would die without them.
I love them to pieces, and could never go a day without talking to them. :) >DEFINE: I defined what about friends I would focus it upon
>INQUIRE: I took what i knew from experience from my friends and used that for information.
>SEARCH: Used information in my head, and used google images for pictures
>COLLECT: Gathered together pictures that suited my theme.
>ORGANIZE: Organized it in a way it made sense and was easy to follow.
>VERIFY: The information came from my mind, and was my opinion so it would be correct.
>EXPRESS: I used a range of different pictures to show friendship, Quotes and my own thoughts.
>REFLECT: Improved my work by adding a path to my photos, quotes and own opinion. THE END :)
thanksss for watching,
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