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Open letter to all students

No description

maruthi kunchala

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Open letter to all students

Open letter to all students
By Maruthi Kunchala

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
I want your attention for a moment. I know your new smartphone is shiny and the YouTube video with the talking husky, but give me a second to show you the real world. Let's talk a little about how technology is going affect your life.

We're among a period of change. There are many electronics out there that could help you and do good but there are also some that will not provide you with any use. Due to all this technology not only will your education be lost but it will also cause a lot of brain problems that could cause a permanent damage to your brain.
Make sure you make good choices in your life especilly with technology since it can be total ablivian when used incorrectly.
Help us help you
I know that it is very tempting to keep looking at that shiny device in your pocket or in your hand but it is not good for you.

There are many things to do instead of iphones:
Write an extra week's worth of blog posts (or guest posts)
2. Take a seven-week class (dance lessons? Learn PHP?)
4. Write in a journal for 15 minutes a day
5. Add a chapter to your novel
6. Run a marathon (or three)
7. Bike 70 miles
8. Ski 420 miles
9. Climb Mount Whitney
10.Hike down the Grand Canyon

11.Get seven massages
12.Meditate for 20 minutes four times per week
13.Clean out your closets/basement/attic; donate your rejects
14.Go to the dentist, see your doctor, wash your car, get a tune-up and rotate your tires, flip your mattress, pay all your bills on time, and send someone flowers (it's probably their birthday)
15.Paint a room
16.Read a 400-page book (averaging a minute or so per page)
17.See a play, a concert and an opera
18.Watch 140 YouTube videos
19.Read 168 Wikipedia "articles"
20.Beat Halo 5, KillZone, Secret of Monkey Island, Sonic & the Secret Rings, Destiny.

There are many things to do so pick a few and do them instead of watching you phone the whole time.
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