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To Promote and Protect

No description

Steven Dampier

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of To Promote and Protect

Examples Of Violence
General Facts
To Promote and Protect

Stop Abusing the NHS Workers!

Verbal ~
Being rude to a member of staff.
Giving non-constructive criticism.
Insulting someone.
Non-verbal ~
Giving the silent treatment.
Facial expression.
Physical ~
Throwing objects.
Physical attacking.
Verbal/Non-verbal ~
Lack of respect.
Neglect ~
Failure to provide care.
Denial of basic needs.

Nurses are often most likely to be the victims of violence. these acts of violence could be spousal abuse, child and elder abuse.
72% of nurses do not feel safe at work.
Nurses are the health and social care workers that are most at risk, female nurses are considered to be most vulnerable.
Canadian nurses reported high rates of emotional abuse as well as threats.
33% of the 603 nurses who was asked to fill out a questionnaire had an experience of abuse within the past 5 days.
An example in a health and Social care environment to promote and protect, is if people knew what the consequences were this would potentially stop abuse against nurses.
Such as reinforcement meaning that it would allow people to relies on what they are doing
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