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SEGi SRC 2014/2015 - Orientation Special

SEGi SRC 2014/2015 - Orientation Special

Yudis Gopee

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of SEGi SRC 2014/2015 - Orientation Special

Orientation Special
SEGi SRC 2014/2015
What is SRC?
SRC stands for Student Representative Council. SEGi University SRC constists of 23 student representatives from all the different faculties
Role of SRC
The Student Representative Council plays an important role in ensuring the general welfare of the students of SEGi University.
Clubs & Societies
Non Academic Clubs
To establish different SRC Initiatives that would strengthen the connection between the council and students.
SEGi Photography Club
SEGi Nature Society
SEGi Otaku (Anime) Club
SEGi Uni Music Club
SEGi International Student Society (SISS)
SEGi Uni Rotaract Club
SEGi Business Minders
SEGi Stage Factory
Academic Clubs
SEGi Optometry Club
Accounting and Finance Club (AFC)
Medical Society of SEGi University
SEGi Engineering Club
SEGi Technology Club (STC)
SEGi Pharmacy Students Association (SPSA)
Nursing Student Society
SEGi Dental Society
Chalkzone Academia Club
Official Foundation Club
SEGi Business Society
SEGi EPIC (English Proficiency Improvement Club)
Early Childhood Club
Cultural Club & Religious
Chinese Cultural Society (CCS)
KURAL Indian Cultural Society
Youth of Hope
Youth Ablaze
Football, Basketball, Netball, Taekwondo, Swimming...etc
We'd be glad to help
Where to find us?
SEGiAN Student Lounge
Near to Cafe/Mini Mart
Around campus
Social Network
Facebook - SEGi University: SRC
We hope that we can work together!

Let's make our campus life amazing...
If you have any problems or complaints, feel free to talk to a Student Representative who will represent and communicate the issues via appropriate channels
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