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My Heroes: Dan and Phil

No description

Makenna Miller

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of My Heroes: Dan and Phil

My Heroes: Dan and Phil
Unit 2: Determination
Dan and Phil show determination because, when they saw the opportunity to expand on YouTube and make it their careers, they determinedly pushed through all their problems and made it to their success. They also show determination because, both were determined to meet each other, and they did. This determination led to them being friends for nearly six years as of today.
This connects to the part in
A Christmas Carol
where on Christmas day, out of kindness, Scrooge bought the Cratchit family a large Christmas turkey. This also connects to when Scrooge gave the poor boy he met on the street some money, which made the young boy's day.
The video to the left shows the famous YouTuber, Phil Lester (amazingphil), while the one to the right shows his best friend, Dan Howell (danisnotonfire). I have been watching them for about two years and they truly have pulled me from the dark spots I've encountered in life. To summarize them up, they're basically a pair of dorky best friends who do YouTube videos, but they're more than that to me. To me, they're heroes.
Unit 1: Bravery
Dan and Phil show bravery because, they post many of their life stories on the internet. In our present day society, while the internet has been found entertaining, it is also a harsh, judgemental place. For Dan and Phil to post videos of their failures on such an environment proves their bravery.
This connects to
The Golden Goblet
when Ranofer kept determinedly searching for the goblet, even after Gebu had hidden it in the stone-carver's storage room.
Unit 3: Kindness
Dan and Phil show kindness by going to meet up with all of their fans, and in all the ways that they have expressed their love to them. Even when they have been in public, just shopping, the duo has stopped for their fans to take pictures, and give hugs.
This connects to Rikki's story because, Rikki bravely fought in a life-or-death battle against the cobra Nag and Nagaina.
Unit 4: Cleverness/ Intelligence
Dan and Phil show cleverness/intelligence because, whenever they get people who try to cause trouble at meet and greets, or haters in the comments section, instead of going and making a bigger issue, they simply deal with the comment/person by laughing it off, or if it gets too serious, blocking them or leaving.
This connects to the myth of Daedalus and Icarus because, Daedalus showed cleverness in creating the wings so Icarus and himself could escape the island.
Unit 5: Sacrifice
How Dan and Phil show sacrifice has a bit of a back-story. One day when they were out and about London, they ran into a fan. This fan approached Dan and asked for a picture with him. When Dan then called over Phil for the picture, the girl responded by saying she didn't like Phil. This comment obviously stung Phil, as it would to anyone. Dan then made a sacrifice- he retaliated by taking Phil, and leaving, sacrificing an opportunity to meet one of fans, and one of his supporters.
This connects to the soldiers, fire[wo]men, and police[wo]men who gave their lives in the 9/11 attacks, rescue, and war that followed in the Mid-East. It also connects to the sacrifice made by the people on Flight 93, who gave their lives by bringing down the plane to save many more lives.
Unit 6: Love/Loving
Dan and Phil show the trait of love/loving by truly being their for their fans. At meet-and-greets they extend out their love by passing around kind words, compliments, hive-fives, hugs, and if you're lucky maybe even a peck on the cheek. They also show love by responding to the fans, and interacting with them on various social media websites.
This connects to
Black Ships Before Troy
because, Paris showed his love to Helen by taking her, and bringing her with him back to Troy when they fell in love. Menelaus also showed his love for Helen b causing the Trojan War to get her back. Finally, Hector showed love towards his wife and child when he went to tell them a final "Goodbye and I love you" before he went to battle, and was killed.
Unit 7: Friendship/Friendliness
Dan and Phil show friendship in almost everything they do. One way is, when Dan needed a place to stay after he quit Law School, Phil extended a hand and invited him to stay in his flat. After that, the two showed an even bigger friendship by starting to do their YouTube channels together, and doing a radio show at BBC Radio 1. The second biggest way they show friendship is when they bought a flat together in London and moved in. The final, and biggest way they show friendship is in how they support each other through everything. Even when Dan was in the hospital, Phil smuggled in fast food for him to eat. If true friendship isn't smuggling McDonald's into a hospital for your friend after surgery, then I have no clue what is.
This connects to Pat Tillman and his story because, he showed friendship out on the front line of war. He didn't think of himself first, but he thought of his poor brother also in the lines with him, and other members of his platoon fighting alongside of him, worried for their safety.
Unit 8: Helpful
This connects to the unit because, Billy's dogs Little Ann and Old Dan helped him in many ways, such as defending him from the mountain lion, and finding, catching, then killing the raccoons on their hunts.
Dan and Phil show the trait of 'helpful' because, Phil has helped Dan after Dan dropped out of University by letting him move in for a bit until things got figured out. They could also be considered helpful because, for some fans who don't have a happy home-life or are experiencing bad times, the two make the fans feel better and are like a support system for them.
Even after all this information, some of you may not be convinced that Dan and Phil are really heroes. You probably are sticking to your own, such as Michael Jordan, or your parents, but for me, these two dorks from the internet will always be my heroes.
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