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Takeover and Mergers

No description

Ako Aigerim

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of Takeover and Mergers

Unit13 Takeovers and Mergers
А. Aigerim
E. Arkhalykh
Language Review:
Language review
“You cannot buy a company merely by buying its shares”
Sir James Goldsmith(1933-1997)
Anglo-French financier
Takeover- When one company gets control of another company.
Merger - Two or more companies joining to form a larger company
A joint venture - A business activity in which two or more companies have invested together
MBO(management buyout) - When a company’s top executives buy the company they work for
Bid - offer money for shares in a company
Stake - Money risked or invested in a company

Language Review:
1. They aren't always complete sentences:
Challenge for review
2. They may contain strings of three or more nouns:
Takeover bid drama
Office staff pay deal row
3. They omit articles and the verb to be:
Orange CEO likely to quit
4. They use simple forms and an infinitive refers to the future:
Nokia to stand down
5. If a continuous form is used be is omitted:
Prices going through the roof

Takeover and Mergers
Thank you!
1. pitfalls - unexpected difficulties
2. rigorous - thorough
3. constraints - things that limit your action
4. confidential - intended to be kept secret
5. hamstrung - prevented from doing something
6. sycophants - those who try to please important people
7. vying (for jobs) - competing for
8. collaborate - to work together to produce something
6. Short words are used to save space:
Axe - abolish, abolition, close down, closure
Chairman axed in boardroom clash
Blow - bad news
Peace talk show
Flak - criticism
PM faces opposition flak
Hall - welcome
Bosses hall interest rate cut
Slam - criticise
Unions slam jobs plan
Top - exceed
Exports top $5bn
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