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Untitled Prezi

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Hajira Basharat

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sport day!!!
red nose!

The day that we went to watch pantomine
we had to go in pair i went with Amina
when we went in there we had to sat next to our patner and watch the pantomine.
The pantomine was well funny.
When we came back after 3 r 4 weeks we did a pantomine as a ccc class in front of all year 7.
Spring watch!!!
On sport day everybody was wearing their p.e kit because we can't do sport without our p.e kit.
we were doing a competition between house (pendle, boulsworth, blacko and weets.
marsdeb heights celebretes red nose.
in that day we all can buy a red nose and we all had to give one ppound for were something red most of the people wered a red tie, but i wered red jeans.
And our school rais £1200.
we went to spring watch with our sciences clases my clas went with mis Sayeda class
when we went in there first they told us all the rules and we seen every thing after that we had to be in groups of for, in my group was: Husna, Lauren, Maddie and me!
we had to work in geography and in maths!!!
and a i really liked the spring watch.
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